Community Communications to US Department of Commerce on ICANN Evolution and Reform

This page links to communications that various members of the ICANN community have sent to the United States Department of Commerce concerning their views on ICANN evolution and reform.

Council of European Top Level Domain Registries (CENTR) (1 August 2002)

NeuStar, Inc. (8 August 2002)

New TLD Registries (9 August 2002):
   Afilias (.info)
   DotCooperation LLC (.coop)
   Global Name Registry (.name)
   MuseDoma (.museum)
   NeuStar, Inc. (.biz)
   RegistryPro (.pro)
   SITA (.aero)

Accredited Registrars (19 August 2002):
   50 registrars from 16 countries

EDUCAUSE (.edu registry operator) and Internet2 (22 August 2002)

East African Internet Forum (Nairobi Declaration) (26 August 2002)

Various Private-Sector Organizations (4 September 2002)

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