Tentative Timetable for the NomCom Process
Posted: 2 September 2002

Committee on ICANN Evolution and Reform
Tentative Timetable for the NomCom Process
2 September 2002

To the ICANN Community:

The ICANN Evolution and Reform Committee has prepared the following tentative timeline for the NomCom process. Comments from the community on this tentative timeline are invited.

Committee on ICANN Evolution and Reform
2 September 2002

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This document outlines a possible timeline for the NomCom process, beginning from the NomCom's creation to its actual selections. This schedule is intended specifically for the selection of Board members; an analogous process would apply to the NomCom's other selections. We invite comments on the practicality and appropriateness of this timeline.

Day 0

  • ICANN Board formally creates NomCom.
  • ICANN Board announces non-voting Chair.
  • ICANN Board sets 30-day deadline for selection of NomCom delegates.

Day 1

  • Selecting bodies begin their self-organized process for choosing NomCom delegates.

Day 30

  • Deadline for selection of NomCom delegates.

Day 34

  • First NomCom telecon (to continue weekly, in addition to mandatory liaison telecons).

Day 35

  • Call for suggestions from the Internet community.

Days 35-80

  • NomCom takes input, reviews suggestions, interviews stakeholders as appropriate, evaluates incumbents, considers what areas of expertise and diversity are required for new Board.
  • Mandatory liaison telecons: TAC, SAC, GAC, RSSAC, IAB/IETF, SO Councils.
  • Discussion of particular individuals, pursuant to strict confidentiality rules established in advance; NomCom Chair responsible for managing process to ensure confidentiality.

Day 40

  • Deadline for ASO, GNSO, and ccNSO to select ICANN Board members (must be done early in NomCom process so that NomCom can take those selections into account in determining functional and geographic diversity needs).

Days 80-90

  • NomCom contacts nominees to advise them that they are under consideration, and get consent to be selected.
  • NomCom meets as needed by telecon, pursuing consensus and/or taking votes until its selections are completed.
  • Quorum consists of at least half plus one of the voting NomCom delegates.
  • NomCom members are not eligible to be selected.

Day 90

  • NomCom announces selections.

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