Executive Search Committee

Important notice: During 1999-2001 the ICANN Board's Executive Search Committee engaged in a search for candidates to replace ICANN's initial President and CEO, Michael Roberts. After an extensive international seach, Dr. M. Stuart Lynn was elected as ICANN President and CEO and took office on 13 March 2001. The Executive Search Committee was discontinued at the third annual ICANN meeting in November 2001.

This web page is no longer updated, but is retained only for historical interest.

President and CEO

CEO Search

ICANN is currently seeking to recruit a successor to Michael Roberts, ICANN's President and CEO. When he was hired, Mike agreed to hold the position during ICANN's start-up phase and through the establishment of a stable corporate structure and the transition to a fully constituted Board of Directors.

The Board is now seeking candidates for the position of President and CEO, to be appointed before the end of 2000.

For a full position description and search specification, please click here.

Executive Search Consultant

To assist the Executive Search Committee, ICANN has retained the services of Christopher Mill & Partners of London.

Please send inquiries, expressions of interest, and recommendations of possible candidates to exec-search@icann.org.

About the Committee

The Executive Search Committee is responsible for overseeing the search for a Chief Executive Officer for ICANN, along with other executive officers.


The Executive Search Committee of the ICANN Board was established by resolution on November 4, 1999:

"RESOLVED [99.123], that there be, and there hereby is, effective immediately, designated a Committee of the Board to be named the 'Executive Search Committee,' responsible for overseeing the search for a Chief Executive Officer and other officers as appropriate."

Members of the Committee

The members of the Executive Search Committee are Vint Cerf (Chair), Jonathan Cohen, Hans Kraaijenbrink, and Alejandro Pisanty.

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