Report of the Internationalized Domain Names Working Group–Introduction to Appendices

Posted: 28 August 2001

Introduction to Appendices

On April 30, 2001, the ICANN Board's Internationalized Domain Names Internal Working Group (IDN WG) posted its survey on the ICANN website. The survey was designed to assist the working group with its fact-finding exercise to examine the issues surrounding the implementation of IDNs.

As of May 20, 2001, the working group had received fourteen responses from individuals, companies, ccTLDs and other organizations. The following appendices include the responses provided by the participants for all three surveys. However, in some cases, responses have been excluded at the request of the respondent as per the confidentiality treatment stated on the ICANN website. The following is a list of respondents1:

1. Darrell Bird2
2. John Klensin2
3. American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA)
4. Walid
5. VeriSign3
6. Intellectual Property Constituency (IPC), DNSO
7. Neteka
8. Register.com
9. Peacenet
10. Tonga (Tonic - Tonga Network Information Center)
11. Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC)
12. Japan Network Information Center (JPNIC)
13. Stefan Probst2

At the June 2001 ICANN meeting in Stockholm, the IDN Working Group presented a status report of its activities before the Public Forum. At the Public Forum, the IDN Working Group invited the ICANN community to submit comments on the status report and additional responses to the surveys through July 31. Additionally, the IDN Working Group stated that the follow-up questions would be posted on the ICANN website, which would also have a 31 July 2001 return date. As of 1 August 2001, an additional 11 survey responses were submitted to the Working Group. Those responses have been incorporated into the following appendices.

14. Carlos Amengual
15. Eric Brunner-Williams
16. Kilnam Chon
17. Anonymous A4
18. Anonymous B4
19. China Interent and Network Information Center (CNNIC)
20. Sam Malenfant
21. Patrick O'Brien (i-DNS.net)
22. Osman Tekin & Onur Taha Cananer5
23. TWNIC 2
24. Kozo Yabe

1. One of the respondents asked confidential treatment for all of the answers. Therefore there are only thirteen names in this list of respondents.

2. The Klensin, Bird and Probst comments were generic in nature. Klensin's and Probst's comments are reflected in the last question of Survey A, while Bird's comments are reflected in the last question in Survey B.

3. Verisign GRS and NSI Registrar jointly submitted Surveys A and B; however, they filed independent answers for Survey C.

4. The authors Anonymous A and Anonymous B indicated that they would like their answers to be part of the public record; however, they did not want their identities disclosed.

5. This response was provided in PowerPoint format and was generic in content. In order to retain the integrity of the presentation, the WG has opted to hyperlink the presentation for public viewing.


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