Internationalized Domain Names Survey B: Policy Questions

Internationalized Domain Names Survey B: Policy Questions

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1. What is your view of the value of IDNs? Who will benefit from them? Is there any empirical proof of these benefits? Who will IDNs harm?

2. Does the translation or transliteration of a trademark or other name constitute a violation? Does the answer to this question vary depending on the legal system? Do trademark treaties and other international agreements speak to this issue?

3. Will the existence of IDNs increase the incidence of cybersquatting? In what manner?

4. What measures can be taken to minimize cybersquatting? Which of the following measures is most important -- a "sunrise" period for pre-registration; a functioning WHOIS database; or a functioning UDRP system?

5. What groups within and without ICANN should consider these policy issues? How should these groups proceed?

6. What other legal and policy issues are raised by IDN? How should ICANN address them, if at all?

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