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Close of Open Call Period For Nominees to the ICANN Independent Review Panel

6 July 2001
Updated: 1 August 2001 and 16 September 2001

The ICANN Bylaws call for the establishment of a procedure by which the actions of the ICANN Board may be subjected to independent third-party review. The period for the ICANN Independent Review Panel Nominating Committee to accept suggestions from the public for nominations to the ICANN Independent Review Panel has now closed, as of 26 July 2001.

List of Candidates Submitted During Open Call

Thank you for all the nominations sent to the IRP Nominating Committee for consideration. The following names were received by the IRP Nominating Committee during the open call period:

Zoe Baird
Luca Barbero
Anthony Bekker
Margit Brandl
Charles H. Brower, II
Daniel T. Burns
Diane Cabell
Steven Certilman
Zheng Chengsi
Rosemarie Christofolo
M. Scott Donahey
Paul Farquhar
Tamar Frankel
Michael Froomkin
Sean D. Garrison
Gabor Halmai
Linda K. Hopkins
Neil Kaplan
Theodore F. Killheffer
Michael Kirby
Houston Putnam Lowry
Michael F. McNulty
Antonio Mille
James Miller
Henry H. Perritt, Jr.
David G. Post
Julie Sebutinde
Peter Schalestock
Stephen M. Schwebel
Clive Stanbrook
Robert C. Timmons
James D. Troxell

If you believe a nomination was submitted to the IRP Nominating Committee during the open call period but the name of the candidate does not appear on this list, please send your inquiries to before 6 August 2001.

Background Information

For more information on the IRP, the IRP Nominating Committee and the IRP Policy that will guide the work of the IRP and the IRP Nominating Committee, see

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