ICANN Membership Advisory Committee
(Operated during 1998-1999)

Izumi Aizu

Izumi Aizu is Principal, Asia Network Research Sdn. Bhd.; Secretary General, Asia & Pacific Internet Association; Research Fellow, GLOCOM; Manager, Research & Planning, Institute for HyperNetwork Society; Vice Chair, external affairs, Asia Pacific Networking Group (APNG); Chair, International working group, Internet Association of Japan (IAJ).

In 1986, Mr Aizu co-founded the Institute for Networking Design in Tokyo, a think-tank specializing in computer conferencing, and served as secretary general of  Networking Forum, an annual conference on PC networking in Japan from 1987 to 1992.  In 1991, he joined GLOCOM (Center for Global Communications), at the  International University of Japan. After attending INET 92 in Kobe, he started to study and promote the Internet in Japan, giving strategic advice to IT and media  industries and national and local government agencies, and worked on policy and  strategic issues in a global context with a strong focus on Asia.  In 1993, he co-founded the  Institute for Hyper Network Society (IHNS) whose main office is in Oita, a local city  in Kyushu Island, and which is actively involved in grassroots community networking.

In 1997, he moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and found Asia Network Research, an independent research unit dedicated to promote networking in Asia-Pacific, focusing on societal aspects of the Internet.  In June, 1998, he was appointed Secretary General of the Asia & Pacific Internet Association, a trade association representing the Internet business community in the region.

Diane Thilly Cabell

Diane Thilly Cabell practices intellectual property law with the Boston firm of Fausett, Gaeta & Lund, LLP and serves as webmaster of the Women's Bar Association of Massachusetts.  In 1998, Ms. Cabell was named a Visiting Scholar at the Institutt for rettsinformatikk, Universitetet i Oslo where she studied European privacy and database protection law with Prof., dr juris Jon Bing of the European Commission's Legal Advisory Board.

Ms. Cabell has written on legal issues for the Internet Society and the Association of Internet Professionals. Her most recent publication is "Foreign Domain Disputes" which appears in the Winter, 1999 issue of New Matter, journal of the Intellectual Property Section of the State Bar of California.  She is co-founder of the Global Cyberlaw Network, an international society of Internet lawyers and a member of the Boston Bar Association, the Internet Society, and the Massachusetts Interactive Media Council.  Ms. Cabell was scribe for the IFWP-Reston Trademark/Domain Names Working Group and the Boston Working Group.

George Conrades, chairman

George Conrades is a member of the Initial Board of Directors of ICANN, and a Venture Partner with Polaris Venture Partners. He had been Executive Vice President and President, GTE Internetworking since the acquisition of BBN by GTE in 1997. He was also Chief Executive Officer of BBN (1994-98).  Previously, he was with IBM for thirty-one years, including IBM United States and IBM Asia/Pacific in Tokyo. At IBM, he was Senior Vice President and a member of IBM's Corporate Management Board.

He is former Chairman of the Board of Ohio Wesleyan University, a trustee of The Scripps Research Institute, a trustee of the Committee for Economic Development, and chair of the subcommittee report on the importance of basic research in America. Previously, he served as director for several companies in health care, bio-pharmaceuticals and high technology, and is a member of the board of CBS.

Mr. Conrades holds a Bachelor's degree in physics and mathematics from Ohio Wesleyan University (1961) and a M.B.A. from the University of Chicago (1971).

Greg Crew

Greg Crew is a member of the Initial Board of Directors of ICANN, Chairman of the Australian Communications Industry Forum Ltd., Chairman of the Australian Information Technology Engineering Centre Ltd., and a non-executive director of ERG Ltd. (Perth) and of Silicon Wireless Ltd. (California). He was Chief Executive Officer of Mercury Communications Ltd. (UK) (1993-95) and Chief Operating Officer of Hongkong Telecommunications Ltd. (1991-93). He was also Managing Director of Hongkong Telephone Co. Ltd. (1988-91). Previously, he occupied various positions in engineering and commercial management in Hong Kong, and in Australia with Telecom Australia.

He is a Fellow of the Institution of Electrical Engineers and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Mr. Crew holds a Bachelor's degree in engineering from the University of Tasmania (1959), a Master's degree in administration from Monash University (1979), and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science from the Open University of Hong Kong for services to telecommunications and education in Hong Kong.

Pavan Duggal

Pavan Duggal is a cyberlaw consultant and founder of the Cyberlaw Association, CyberlawAsia, and CyberlawIndia, two organisations committed to the passing of dynamic cyberlaws in Asia and India, respectively. Pavan is also the founder of Cyberarbitration, an online system of alternative dispute resolution. He is participating in the DNS process being conducted by World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).

Pavan is a practising Advocate in the Supreme Court of India at New Delhi. At present, he is advising a number of potential ISPs in the emerging Internet market in India.  Pavan presents the latest judgments and legal aid on "Apex Judgements" on India's National Television Channel. He has worked with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and with the United Nations International Drugs Control Programme (UNDCP) .

Pavan has received degress in History Honours and Law from St.Stephens College,University of Delhi, with highest academic distinction.

Kanchana Kanchuanasut

Kanchana Kanchanasut has been affiliated for almost fifteem years with an international post-graduate education institute called the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), where she is currently an Associate Professor in Computer Science. Throughout this period, she has worked closely with people from various parts of the world and has produced many graduates who are now actively working in their own countries in Asia and the Pacific region.  She did her BSc at the University of Queensland and PhD at the University of Melbourne, Australia. In the late 80's, she became one of the Internet pioneers in Thailand and is currenly the top level domain name administrator for the .th domain. Prior to that, she was the first President of the Thai Unix Users Group, and from her association with Australia, she became actively involved in setting up UUCP connection from Thailand in early 1988.  She has been partcipating in the Asia-Pacific Networking Group (APNG) and various other Internet-related groups in the Asia-Pacific region as well as being one of the main research team members in the Asian Internet Interconnection Initiatives.

Daniel Kaplan

Daniel Kaplan is a consultant and the vice-president of the French Chapter of the Internet Society.  He began consulting on electronic media and interactivity in 1985 when he founded JKLM, which quickly became one of France's prominent consultancy and design firms in videotext, audiotext and multimedia.   Mr. Kaplan now works freelance as part of a network of senior consultants.  He specializes in the strategic use of  networks and electronic media, with an emphasis on the Internet. Mr. Kaplan provides his strategic consulting, market surveys and project management skills to organizations willing to understand and take advantage of  opportunities arising from the Networked Society.  Mr. Kaplan is the author of several books and reports, including what is probably the reference yearly report on  the state of the Information Society in France (Internet: What Is at Stake for France?, 1996-1999). Mr. Kaplan is Vice-president of the French Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC France); Trustee, Institut International du Commerce Electronique; Chair, Association Française de la Télématique Multimédia (AFTEL)'s Internet Workshop; and Member of the Lorentz commission on Electronic Commerce.

Siegfried Langenbach

Siegfried Langenbach is the founder of Computer Service Langenbach GmbH, a German ISP. CSL was founded in 1972 specializing in statistical research. In 1994 Internet activities were added.

Mr. Langenbach was involved in the creation of DENIC, the German NIC, and was the first chair of the DENIC supervisory board.

Mr. Langenbach (either individually or through CSL), is a member of Réseaux IP Européens (RIPE NCC) and the Internet Council of Registrars (CORE), and a participant in the Internet Engineering Task Force and the Domain Name Supporting Organization (DNSO) application process.

Nii Quaynor

Nii Quaynor received a B.A in engineering science from Dartmouth College in 1972 and received a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Thayer School of Engineering in 1973. He did graduate study at the State University of New York at StonyBrook where he obtained M.S and Ph.D degrees in Computer Science in 1974 and 1977 respectively.

Nii joined Digital Equipment Corporation in 1977 where he worked on a variety of projects including VAXClusters and VAX8000/9000 processor series.  During the 14 years at Digital he was credited with formal characterization of large systems and performance design methodologies. Nii left Digital in 1991 as a Senior Engineering Manager and returned to Ghana in a technology transfer experiment which transformed him into a high-technology entrepreneur.

After working as a UNDP consultant to the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation, Nii established Network Computer Systems to provide technology solutions. NCS provides a range of services from equipment support to software for export and to building networks. NCS distinguished itself in building large private corporate networks. This expertise enabled NCS to also establish the first public networks for SWIFT, EDI and Internet in West Africa. Nii further took upon himself to assist several African countries strengthen their Internetworks. Notable among them were Togo, Gambia, Nigeria, Liberia, Swaziland and Ethiopia. His concern that the associated human networks ought to be maintained, led to a drive to mobilize Africans to build the relevant supporting Institutions of the Internet in the Region.

Nii taught for the International Center for Theoretical Physics in Italy, China, Colombia, Sri Lanka and Mexico. He also established the Computer Science Department at the University of Cape-Coast in Ghana. Nii is currently, the Executive Chairman of NCS, President of the Internet Society of Ghana, member of the Council of the University of Ghana, member of the Ghana Frequency Registration and Control Board, and a member of the Board of the Ghana News Agency.

Oscar Robles

Oscar Robles is Vice President for the Latin American & Caribbean Networks Forum (ENRED).  He is also Interim Chair and co-founder for the Latin American & Caribbean country code Top Level Domain organization, which was created in August 1998 and aims to share information between ccTLDs in the region.  Since 1995, Mr. Robles has been in charge of the .MX ccTLD (NIC-Mexico) administration, which is hosted by the Monterrey Institute of Technology (ITESM) in Monterrey, Mexico.  He is a member of the Mexican ISOC chapter, wwTLD alliance and IATLD.  Mr. Robles holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Systems Engineering from the ITESM (1995), and a Master's degree in Information Technology Administration from the same institution (1998)

Dan Steinberg

Dan Steinberg is involved in issues of convergence between technology and law. The interface is constantly changing and currently includes Year 2000 legal/technical issues, domain name/trademark conflict and other Internet governance issues. Dan is counsel to a number of organizations on Year 2000 legal issues and  speaks on this topic to both public and private sector audiences. He has been advising clients on various Year 2000 issues for over two years and has testified before the US congress on Y2K International/Legal implications.

In addition, Dan is active as a legal educator, providing MCLE-approved courses on Internet Legal Resources and  an upcoming seminar on Year 2000 legal issues.

Y2K-related publications include: "10 Litigation Battlegrounds, Countdown 2000, Lexis-Nexis, May 1998", "Risk  Management, Why Compliance Agreements Aren't Enough, Year 2000 Problem - Strategies and Solutions from the  Fortune 100, Leon Kappleman et al., Thompson Computer Press, 1997", "To Litigate or Mitigate, That is the  question: The role of attorneys and Risk Managers, Year 2000 Problem - Strategies and Solutions from the  Fortune 100, Leon Kappleman et al., Thompson Computer Press, 1997", "Year 2000 Legal/International  Challenges, Countdown 2000, Lexis-Nexis, June 1998", "Hot off the presses and other Y2K soundbytes,  http://www.comlinks.com/legal/y2kforum.htm 1997-98".

Dan formed SYNTHESIS: Law & Technology as a loose association of multidisciplinary talent in the Ottawa area. Current expertise available at the firm includes legal, medical, accounting, translation, project management and strategic planning. Dan's education includes an LLB from Université de Montréal, an MBA from McGill University and a BSc from Concordia University.

Tadao Takahashi

Tadao Takahashi is chair of the Brazilian chapter of the Internet Society.

Jonathan Zittrain (non-voting liaison to Berkman Center membership study)

Jonathan Zittrain is Executive Director of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society and Lecturer on Law at Harvard Law School.  Information about the study of ICANN membership issues that the Berkman Center is conducting is available at http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/rcs/rcs_announce.html.


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