Reconsideration Request 00-1
Recommendation of the Committee
Date: April 24, 2000

From: Andrew McLaughlin
To: russ@consumer.net
Cc: Hans Kraaijenbrink; Ken Fockler; Amadeu Abril i Abril
Subject: Reconsideration Committee response re RR 00-1


Dear Mr. Smith:

In response to your email of 27 January 2000, the Reconsideration Committee of the ICANN Board has asked me to pass along its response, below.

Best regards,



Reconsideration Request 00-1

The Reconsideration Committee has reviewed Mr. Smith's email letter of 27 January, 2000, in which he seeks to "amend" his reconsideration request and raises a variety of allegations.  Nothing in Mr. Smith's letter alters the Committee's conclusion that the ICANN staff was correct in its advice that the registration of domain names containing trailing hyphens contravenes the specification for the Shared Registry System, the elements of which are binding on NSI-Registry and the ICANN-accredited registrars.  See <http://www.icann.org/committees/reconsideration/rc00-1.htm>.


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