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As stated during the public forum on 7 December 2006, Mr. Hasbrouck’s Request for Reconsideration was rejected by the Reconsideration Committee.

Mr. Hasbrouck's Request for Reconsideration was made generally on the same underlying grounds as his complaint to ICANN’s Ombudsman during that same period. At that time, ICANN's Ombudsman made a finding that after a full investigation of Mr. Hasbrouck's claims, there was no substantive basis for the complaint.

The Ombudsman informed the Board and the Reconsideration Committee that he felt any further investigation by any other dispute resolution body such as the Reconsideration Committee was unlikely to shed any further light on the issues that had not already or could not have been dealt with in a dispute resolution process through the Office of the Ombudsman.

The Ombudsman further instructed both Mr. Hasbrouck and the Reconsideration Committee that, in the Ombudsman's opinion, Mr. Hasbrouck's application for independent review that had not yet been filed, but which was being distributed and was basically on the same grounds, was repetitive, trivial, vexatious, frivolous, non-substantive, otherwise abusive, or not made in good faith.

The Ombudsman thus determined that Mr. Hasbrouck's interactions and conduct indicated that he was a querulous complainant with no desire to reach resolution. Such determination provided a basis for the Reconsideration Committee to reject Mr. Hasbrouck's Request for Reconsideration.

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