Request for Reconsideration
Request 00-1 (part b)
Submitted by: Russ Smith
Date: January 6, 2000


From: Russ Smith []
Sent: Thursday, January 06, 2000 10:43 PM
To:;; Krose@Ntia. Doc. Gov; Becky Burr;
Cc:;; Louis Touton;
Subject: RE: reconsideration request/DOC complaint

I wish to amend the reconsideration to clarify the harm that will be caused if the domain revocations are completed:

-ICANN/DOC will cause a loss of profit to several businesses (registrars) as well as several domain holders.
-Domain holders were not given enough time to fully understand and research the complicated domain name issues. Some of the domain name holders I contacted barely understood the issues when I tried to explain them and clearly do not have a full understanding of the situation. Others are outside the US and would be unable to review the applicable laws in such a short period of time.
-ICANN/DOC will interfere with the use of trademarks owned by the Consumer Information Organization and possibly others.
-ICANN/DOC will interfere with the First Amendments Rights of domain holders. Domains have a unique characteristic in expressing an opinion that is difficult to duplicate in other ways (i.e. <=> "AOL minus"). This unique characteristic is highlighted by the large values placed on domain names (i.e.,, etc.).
-ICANN/DOC will restrict commerce by instituting arcane rules developed long before the Internet was developed. -use of the domains will not cause ant technical problems

Russ Smith