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Task Force on Funding (TFF)

Background on Creation of Task Force on Funding (TFF)

In a letter to ICANN dated July 8, 1999, the U.S. Department of Commerce made the following comment:

"In carefully reviewing your [June 15, 1999 Status Report] report, and the considerable progress made toward establishing the structures for representative decision making contemplated in the White paper, there is still important work to be done:

"ICANN should eliminate the $1 per-year, per-domain name registration user fee. Although the user fee may be determined to be an appropriate method for funding ICANN's activities, it is controversial. We believe a permanent financing method should not be adopted until after the nine elected members are added to the ICANN Board in November. By taking such a step, ICANN will ensure that this important decision is made in accordance with the representative, bottom-up process that is essential for ICANN to carry out its mission. In the meanwhile, we will work with ICANN and the entire Internet community, to the extent permitted by law, to obtain interim resources for ICANN. "

In response to this comment, the ICANN Board unanimously adopted the following resolutions at its teleconference meeting on July 26, 1999.

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