DNSO Constituency Groups:
Additional Constituency Organizing Efforts

After the seven Initial DNSO Constituencies specified in the ICANN Bylaws are recognized, the ICANN Board may consider recognizing additional Consituencies.

The ICANN Bylaws state that:

"[a]ny group of individuals or entities may petition the Board for recognition as a new or separate Constituency. Any such petition will be posted for public comment pursuant to Article III, Section 3. The Board may create new Constituencies in response to such a petition, or on its own motion, if it determines that such action would serve the purposes of the Corporation."
Information about additional Constituency organization efforts will be posted here as it is made available.  Such submissions should be made via email to constituencies@icann.org.

Additional Constituency Proposals
IMPORTANT NOTICE - The statements below are provided by individuals and organizations working to self-organize DNSO Constituency Groups.  They are posted here to assist the self-organization process and to solicit public comment.  They have not been approved by ICANN and their posting here does not indicate that the groups under formation will necessarily be officially recognized by the ICANN Board of Directors.  Please submit comments regarding ICANN DNSO Constituencies to comment-dnso@icann.org.  All comments will be posted on the ICANN website at http://www.icann.org/comments-mail/comment-dnso/maillist.html for public review and response.  (If your comment is not posted within 12 hours of its submission, please contact webmaster@icann.org.)


Submitted by Joop Teernstra (terastra@terabytz.co.nz), April 21, 1999.  Last updated August 4, 1999.

The Cyberspace Association .
Proposal for a constituency for Individual Domain Name Owners.
For details, please see http://www.democracy.org.nz/idno/.


Submitted by Stephen Dyer (steve@uk.com), May 21, 1999. Last updated May 21, 1999.

Private Registries Constituency Group.

This proposal is submitted by Centralnic Ltd and NomiNation Ltd - both private registries.

A Private Registry provides registration and DNS service for any domain or sub-domain at any level in the domain name hierarchy. For example in the UK NomiNation Ltd provides a namespace below uk.com and various other similar namespaces.

Such namespaces are often competitive to ccTLD's, especially in countries where local regulations, pricing or political situations limit the availability of the ccTLD.

It is of importance to the orderly administration of the namespace as a whole and the universal application of policies promulgated by ICANN, WIPO and other organisations that a constituency exists for the recognition and participation of this significant and growing community of registrars.

To participate in this constituency organizing effort, please contact either:

Stephen Dyer of CentralNic Ltd, steve@uk.com
163 New King's Road, London, SW6 4SN, UK
+44 171 371 8558

Susan Malec of NomiNation Ltd - susan@nomination.net
+44 207 384 3050

Stephen Dyer
CentralNic Ltd

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