Final Comments to Names Council on Working Group B

(Posted 13 May 2000)

Additional Names Council Recommendations. The DNSO Names Council has scheduled a telephone meeting for 17 May 2000 during which it will consider providing supplemental recommendations to the ICANN Board on the topic of establishment of new generic top-level domains. One possible topic of supplemental recommendations concerns the formal report of Working Group B, concerning procedures for addressing trademark issues that may arise during the initial phase of registrations in a new gTLD. The Names Council invited the Internet community to comment on this report until 10 May 2000. You can read Working Group B's formal report and the comments received by following the links below:

Click here to read the formal report of Working Group B

Click here to enter the public comment forum on Working Group B's formal report

Click here to read e-mail comments on Working Group B's formal report

Public Comments to the Board. On 10 March 2000, the Board instructed the ICANN staff to prepare draft policies, draft implementation documents, commentary, and statements of issues on the introduction of new gTLDs, taking into account protection of globally famous trademarks. Over the next several weeks, these materials will be posted for public comment on the ICANN web site. The Board will consider adopting a policy or policies on these issues at its meeting in Yokohama on 15-16 July 2000.

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