May 26, 1999

Final Application for Recognition of the gTLD Registry Constituency

The Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) Registry constituency consists of non-governmental entities directly responsible as registries for gTLD zones in the Domain Name System. Since the NSI Registry is currently the only constituent of the gTLD Registry constituency (serving .com, .net, and .org), it is unnecessary at this time to elaborate a structure and process and, also for that reason, we request that the Board waive application of any geographic diversity requirements to this constituency at this time. However, NSI is committed to the notion of increasing the gTLD's and encourages ICANN to make such expansion a top priority. The constituency will propose further procedures when additional constituents are added. NSI Registry plans in the meantime to maintain an open site and moderated list for the purpose of publishing and discussing DNSO policies and positions. Following recognition, the gTLD Registry constituency will submit a list of selected members of the Names Council representing the gTLD constituency, to serve until such time as procedures are changed to reflect the addition of new constituents.


Donald Telage, Ph.D
Senior Vice President
Network Solutions Registry

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