DNSO Names Council

Under Article VI-B, Section 3(c) of the ICANN bylaws, members of the DNSO Names Council (NC) are selected by the constituencies. Each constituency may select up to three NC members. Ordinarily, no two NC representatives selected by a constituency may be citizens of the same ICANN Geographic Region. These regions are Africa; the Asia-Pacific region; Europe; Latin America and the Carribean; and North America. Under Article VI-B, Section 2(f) of the bylaws, NC representatives serve for terms established in connection with the recognition of the constituency, but not longer than two years.

Current NC members are:

ccTLD Registries:

Commercial and Business Entities:

gTLD Registries:

ISP and Connectivity Providers:

Non-Commercial Domain Name Holders:


Trademark, Other Intellectual Property and Anti-Counterfeiting Interests:

Bruce Tonkin currently serves as the chair of the Names Council.

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