IMPORTANT NOTICE - The statement below is provided by individuals and organizations working to self-organize a DNSO Constituency Group.  It is posted here to assist the self-organization process.  It has not been approved by ICANN and its posting here does not indicate that the group under formation will necessarily be officially recognized by the ICANN Board of Directors.  See for information about the constituency formation process and instructions for submitting comments regarding this statement. 

Submitted by Amadeu Abril i Abril (, May 4, 1999
Posted May 5, 1999
[Preliminary Draft]
The DNSO Registrar Constituency

I.  Mission and Purpose


II Membership


III Organisation and Structure

IV Voting  

V Funding


VI Registrar Constituency Processes.


VII Registrar Constituency Formation Timetable
May, 3  Publication of the Draft Framework 
May 3-May 18  Comments Period and membership applications 
May 20  Final Registrar Constituency Proposal 
May 25  Physical Meeting in Berlin. Secretariat selection. 
May, 27  Initial Names Council nominations deadline 
June, 2  Initial Names Council elections 
Before December, 31  Regular Names Council elections.