IMPORTANT NOTICE - The statement below is provided by individuals and organizations working to self-organize a DNSO Constituency Group.  It is posted here to assist the self-organization process.  It has not been approved by ICANN and its posting here does not indicate that the group under formation will necessarily be officially recognized by the ICANN Board of Directors.  See for information about the constituency formation process and instructions for submitting comments regarding this statement. 

Submitted to ICANN by Gene Marsh,, May 3, 1999
Posted May 5, 1999

Criteria for constituency participation:

The TLDA takes an open approach to participation. All organizations and individuals with an interest the creation of new gTLDs are welcome.  Participants are under no obligation to do so, but will be welcome to submit their organizations or themselves as "Associate TLDA Members" to express their association with the TLDA efforts. Associate TLDA  members and all participants will form the TLDA constituency.
The TLDA will operate three discussion lists
- - - Administrative
- - - Technical
- - - Legal

All constituents are welcome to participate in all discussion areas.
Names Council Selection process:

Initial Names Council Representatives will be determined by consensus of the TLDA associate individuals and organizations. The individuals will serve for 1, 2 and 3 years terms, non-renewing. Names Council Representatives may be nominated or request nomination for additional or subsequent terms of service. Names Council Representative (notwithstanding the Initial Group) will serve 3 year terms.
All constituents are welcome to place names into nomination for Names Council Representative service. Nominations will be requested 60 days prior to the expiration of term. A list of nominees will then be posted for at least 30 days and constituents have the opportunity to express their support or concern for nominees. Names Council Representatives  will be determined by consensus and announced on the TLDA web site 10 days prior to term expiration date.  Term expiration date will be determined following the completion of the DNSO Constituency Group Formation Process. Further details regarding TLDA policies and procedures will be posted on the TLDA website, <>.
For more information regarding the TLDA please contact:
Richard Sexton, interim primary spokesman (
Gene Marsh, interim secretary (