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GNSO Policy Support Officer

Department: Policy Development Support

Manager's title: VP Policy Development Support

Position purpose:

The key purpose of this role is to support the GNSO Council in the development or updating of technical policies related to generic top-level domains. Support tasks included background research, data gathering and analysis, and drafting of reports under guidance of the GNSO Council.

Key result areas and KPI's performed:

  • Identify the Key Result Areas (KRAs) (the main responsibilities) of the position.
  • A weighting out of 100% has also be given to indicate how much of an importance the KRA has in the position.

These KRAs will form the base of the Performance Plan that is to be developed for the incumbent of the position. Each element of the performance plan will have explicitly defined goals attached in terms of time, quality and delivery outcomes.

The Key Result Area for this position is:

  • Support the GNSO policy development processes (70%)
  • Co-ordination with other policy areas, operations and implementation (30%)

(These responsibilities should be read in conjunction with the bylaws governing the GNSO and related policy processes, see in particular Art. X and Annex A)

  1. Tasks in relation to the GNSO
    • Liaise with the Chair and members of the GNSO Council to conduct background research, data gathering and data analysis of current issues of importance to the Council
    • Assist with the formation of a Task Force or Sub-Committee and provide guidance to those participating in the policy development processes on relevant steps and timelines (as set out in the bylaws)
    • As part of the policy development processes, assist the GNSO Council and eventual Task Forces or Sub-committees in the management of their tasks, drafting and producing reports, posting and evaluating public comments, as well as related activities, such as coordination and incorporation of reports from outside advisors
    • Attend meetings of the Council, Task Forces and/or Sub-committees (mostly by teleconference and including outside office hours)
    • Provide other assistance to the GNSO Council as may be needed to ensure the smooth running of the policy processes
    • Where relevant, prepare reports and other materials to the ICANN Board
  2. Co-ordination tasks between ICANN Departments
    • Co-ordinate with relevant ICANN staff aspects of emerging policies as they relate to other ICANN policies, aspects related to implementation (such as feasibility, resource implications, appropriate feed-back mechanisms), aspects related to legal interpretations of ICANN bylaws
    • Assist relevant ICANN staff with the implementation of policy
    • Identify relevant issues that are likely to come before the ICANN Board and prepare briefings for the ICANN Board
    • Brief ICANN management on relevant matters
  3. Reporting
    • On all of the above, report to and coordinate with VP Policy Development Support

Skills, experience, knowledge and qualifications:


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, particularly in a multi-cultural/language environment
  • Excellent English language writing skills
  • Strong computer literacy
  • Strong internet literacy
  • Excellent listening and analytical skills
  • Excellent research and analysis skills
  • Well developed ability to synthesise a number of diverse view points into a cohesive document
  • Project management skills, personal time management skillss
  • Multiple language skills an advantage
Personal attributes
  • Ability to support diverse stakeholders to move to a common framework and outcome
  • Ability to co-operate and work as part of a team
  • Tolerance for stress
  • Ability to manage and prioritise multiple tasks of processes under pressure
  • Ability to retain focus on priority tasks
  • Adaptability/flexibility
  • Ability to review practices to find more efficient and effective ways to work
  • Comfort in dealing with multiple cultures and time zones that are part of an international organisation
  • A high level of interest and /or experience in the IT sector


  • At least five years experience in developing policy in an environment with conflicting stakeholder views
  • Experience in liaising with senior managers in large corporations and with senior government officials
  • Experience in dealing with contracts and contract negotiations an advantage
  • Experience in working with IT or technology sectors/communities desirable
  • Knowledge of the detailed working of the Internet an advantage


  • A bachelors degree or equivalent experience
  • Exposure to economic and legal disciplines and considerations an advantage

Key contacts:


  • VP Policy Development Support
  • Policy Development Support staff
  • Manager Registry Relations
  • Manager Registrar Relations
  • General Counsel’s Office
  • Other policy support officers


  • Chair of the GNSO Council, members of the GNSO Council, and of GNSO sub-committees and/or Task Forces
  • Liaisons with other ICANN Supporting Organisations and Advisory Committees
  • Members of GNSO constituent groups


ICANN currently has offices in Marina del Rey, California, and Brussels, Belgium. Candidates are required to be available to work in an ICANN location but the decision on which will be taken in consultation with the successful candidate.

The incumbent of this position is expected to attend relevant meetings of constituents, in particular the GNSO Council and the GNSO subcommittees and taskforces (audio-conferences with participation from all over the world at times convenient to its participants).

The incumbent is also expected to travel to ICANN meetings (currently 3 times a year at different locations around the world), and other relevant meetings around the globe.


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