Director/Officer Travel Reimbursement Procedures

16 August 2001

To: ICANN Directors and Officers
From: Diane Schroeder, Business Manager
Date: 16 August 2001
Subject: Administrative Procedures for Reimbursement of Expenses

1. Purpose. The purpose of this memorandum is to provide information to ICANN Directors and Officers concerning the reimbursement of expenses for official duties and travel. It incorporates guidance provided to me by the Board and will be revised as necessary from time to time.

2. Authority. The Board of Directors, under section 22 of Article V of the Bylaws, has authorized the reimbursement of the reasonable, necessary and actual expenses of Directors and Officers connected with official duties on behalf of the corporation.

3. Authorization to Incur Expense. Expenses incurred in connection with all publicly announced ICANN Board and Committee meetings are automatically authorized. Authorization for Directors to incur expenses in connection with other meetings and events will require prior approval by the Executive Committee. Authorization for staff to incur travel and meeting expense, within the amounts budgeted for staff travel by the Board, is granted by the President and CEO.

4. Expense Levels. Because of variations in expense levels for the worldwide destinations of ICANN meetings and other business, no specific reimbursement levels have been established. It is the Board's intention that travel and meeting expenses will be incurred at the most economical level that is consistent with the nature of the meeting or other business event and with the best use of the Director's or Officer's time and effort. With respect to air travel, reimbursement of business class fares is authorized for trips of greater than five hours duration.

5. Joint Travel. Directors are encouraged to combine ICANN travel with travel on other business where savings accrue to ICANN as a result. Pro-rated joint travel and meeting expenses will be reimbursed on the basis that savings should be shared among the parties reimbursing the expenses. Costs to ICANN for joint travel are not to exceed the level that would have been incurred if the travel had been only for ICANN business.

6. Expense Reports. Expense reimbursement requests submitted by Directors and Officers under these procedures will be approved for payment by the President. Any questions about a specific expense report that are not resolved between the President and the Director or Officer submitting the report will be referred to the Executive Committee for action. Expense reports should be accompanied by receipts for significant individual amounts, normally above USD $25. In cases where receipts are retained by a Director's employer for tax or other reasons, either copies of receipts or a commitment to access to receipts for purposes of audit are to be provided.

7. Annual Expense Reporting. In accordance with Bylaw Article XI, section 3, expenses reimbursed to Directors and Officers under these procedures are published on the ICANN website once a year.

8. Notwithstanding anything in the procedures above, reimbursement of expenses of the President requires approval of the Board. The Vice-President and General Counsel may authorize payment to the President of an advance, not to exceed US $20,000 at any time, toward expenses already incurred by the President but not yet authorized by the Board, with the expenses to be later approved by the Board (or an authorized Committee of the Board).

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