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ICANN Accra Meeting Topic: Draft Final Report of the .info Country Names Discussion Group

Posted: 21 February 2002

Annex IV

Whereas in resolution 01.93 the President was directed to propose to the Board an action plan for rapid analysis of the technical and other issues related geographic and geopolitical names in .info;

Whereas on 11 October 2001 the Names Council adopted a resolution commenting on this issue, and on 26 October 2001 the Governmental Advisory Committee submitted additional commentary, both of which have been posted;

Whereas the Proposed Action Plan was presented to the Board and posted on the ICANN website on 9 October 2001;

Resolved [01.121] that the President's Proposed Action Plan is accepted by the Board;

Further resolved [01.122] that the Board accepts the President's recommendation that the following individuals be appointed to a discussion group, as contemplated in Point 2 of the Proposed Action Plan: Vint Cerf (Chair), Rob Blokzijl, Alejandro Pisanty, Nii Quaynor, Amadeu Abril i Abril, Paul Twomey, Christopher Wilkinson, Len St. Aubin, Mohd Sharil Tarmizi, Antenor C. V. Correa, Keith Besgrove, Susanne Maedrich, and Amy Page.*

Further resolved [01.123] that the Board authorizes the President to invite additional individuals to participate in the discussion group to the extent he thinks appropriate, and to invite input from the DNSO and other interested parties within the Internet community.


* Michelle Scott (Australia GAC representative) took Keith Besgrove's (Australia) place on the ICNG at his request.

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