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WIPO Recommendations

Posted 5 May 1999

World Intellectual Property Organization Recommendations

On April 30, 1999 the World Intellectual Property Organization published its "Final Report of the WIPO Internet Domain Name Process." The WIPO Final Report contains recommendations to ICANN on certain questions arising out of the interface between domain names and intellectual property rights, and also includes annexes setting forth specific proposed policies and rules to address abusive domain name registrations and to establish domain name exclusion mechanisms.

ICANN invites public comments on the WIPO Final Report.  All comments should be sent to and will be automatically posted on the ICANN website at for public review and response.  (If your comment is not posted within 12 hours of its submission, please contact  Comments received by midnight, U.S. West Coast  time, May 21, will be considered by the ICANN Board of Directors in advance of any action on these matters at the May 27 ICANN Board meeting in Berlin.

A public forum on the WIPO Final Report will be held during the May 26, 1999 ICANN Open Meeting in Berlin (details at  At the public forum the WIPO Final Report, its recommendations, and its proposed policies and rules will be discussed.  After considering the comments received, both via email and at the public forum, the ICANN Board of Directors will consider the WIPO Final Report, including its annexes, at its May 27 meeting and will take appropriate action, which may include from seeking further comments on the recommendations, referring of some or all of them to other ICANN entities, and/or adopting certain of the recommendations.

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