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.org Reassignment: Bidders' Presentations

Posted: 25 June 2002
(Links to presentations added on 2 July 2002)

.org Reassignment: Bidders' Presentations

A special session of the ICANN Public Forum in Bucharest on 26 June 2002 was devoted to discussion of the .org applications.

Each applicant was allotted exactly fifteen minutes for a presentation and questions from the Board. In their presentations, applicants were requested to demonstrate how their applications meet ICANN's posted Criteria for Assessing Proposals. Applicants were also requested to allow at least five of their fifteen minutes for Board questions.

Following the applicant presentations, there was an opportunity for public comment and questions to the applicants. An archived video of the entire session is available for download through the University of Oregon Videolab.

The following is the order in which the presentations were given (based on a random draw):

Applicant Name (Link to Application) (Link to Presentation)
Union of International Associations
The .Org Foundation
The Internet Society (ISOC)
Internet Multicasting Service, Inc. and Internet Software Consortium, Inc.
The DotOrg Foundation
Unity Registry
SWITCH Swiss Academic and Research Network
The Global Name Registry, Limited
NeuStar, Inc.
Register ORGanization, Inc.
(Not yet available)
Organic Names Ltd.

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