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Workshop on Re-registration of Deleted Domain Names

Wednesday, 1 December 2004, 14:00 – 16:00

( Submitted Document )

The Registry Auction Model

This proposal falls under the general heading of Registry Services as defined within relevant ICANN agreements. The goal of this proposal is to provide a new and steady source of revenue for ICANN while resolving those issues associated with the contention for expired domain names.

It is proposed that registries be allowed to provide an auction service for expired domain names. Registries will establish a fee for the management of such auction services (the auction management fee). All auction bids will be channeled from registrants through their registrars to the Registry Auction Service. Expired domains will be awarded to the highest bidder. Those funds received from such awards in excess of the combined domain name registration fee, registrar processing fee and registry auction management fee (the combined fees) will accrue to ICANN.

Thank you for considering this proposed model.

Best wishes,
Danny Younger

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