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DNSSEC for Beginners

Mon 06 Dec 2010 - 16:00 - 17:30
Comision 2AB
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The deployment of DNSSEC around the world is really happening! Registries, registrars and ISPs are rapidly adopting the new security extensions to ensure a more secure DNS for everyone. The root is now signed and momentum is really building behind this critical technology.

Worried that you're getting left behind? Don't really understand DNNSEC? Then why not come along to the first 'DNSSEC for Beginners' session where we hope to demystify DNSSEC and show how you can easily and quickly deploy DNSSEC into your business. Come and find out how it all works, what tools you can use to help and meet the community that can help you plan and implement DNSSEC.

Who Should Attend? | The session is aimed at everyone, so no technical knowledge is required. Come and find out what it's all about…!

Agenda Details:
  1. The History of DNSSEC: Simon McCalla, Nominet and Matt Larson, VeriSign
    A light-hearted look at the history of DNS and DNSSEC.
  2. An overview of signing & DNSSEC deployment: João Damas, ISC
    A primer on how DNSSEC really works. What does 'signing' a zone actually do? What's the effect on other Nameservers when a zone is signed etc.
  3. The Chain of Trust: Norm Ritchie, ISC
    A look at the key roles and actors in the DNSSEC chain of trust, with real people from 'real roles' to explain their part in the process.
  4. So I own a nameserver…what do I do now? Russ Mundy, DNSSEC Deployment Initiative
    A tour of the tools and technologies available to help implement DNSSEC. Examples of small and 'big' deployments. Includes a description of some of the vendor solutions as well as the free tools that are available.
  5. Where to go for Help: Roy Arends, Nominet
    A discussion of how to start planning for a DNSSEC deployment. Discuss the various groups who can help as well as resources for planning.
  6. Open Panel Q&A: Panel Discussion
    Open session with panel and chair to address any question related to DNSSEC deployment.

Additional Helpful Materials: