ICANN Logo At-Large Workshop for the African Community
(Posted: 13 October 2003)

At-Large Workshop for the African Community
08:30 - 12:30, Monday, 27 October 2003
Carthage Palace Hotel
Gammarth Heights, Gammarth, TUNIS

All interested individuals are encouraged to attend the ICANN At-Large Advisory Committee's workshop to help individual Internet user community leaders in Africa inform, organize, and involve their communities in Internet standards and policy setting activities.

The workshop will: 1) help advance participants' knowledge of the design, operation and management of the Internet, as well as the standards, policy structures and processes that effect them; and 2) provide participants' with information and tools with which to form local and regional Internet groups to advance African users' interests in ICANN. If you have questions about this event, please contact the At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) at committee@alac.icann.org.


08:30 - Welcome, Introductions

  • Clement Dzidonu, ALAC Co-Vice Chair and Professor of Computer Science/Chair of Computer Science Dept., Valley View University

08:40 - Building Blocks of an Information-Enabled Africa

9:30 - Management/Coordination of the Internet and Africa's Role

  • ICANN, Why and How it Works (PDF)
    Nii Quaynor, former ICANN Board member and Chairman of Network Computer Systems (invited) - Overview of ICANN and Internet stakeholders
  • Pending Issues of Interest to African Users
    Mouhamet Diop, ICANN Board Member and CEO, NEXT SA - Overview of pending issues that may affect Africans, and the local/regional stakeholders involved

10:20 - Break

10:30 - Organizing to Advance African Users' Needs

11:30 - Open Discussion

12:20 - Review of ICANN Meeting Events

12:30 - Close

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