Public Discussion of Wildcard Services

Posted: 27 October 2003

Public Discussion of Wildcard Services
13:00 - 17:00, Monday, 27 October 2003

Carthage Palace Hotel, Room Carthage 7
Gammarth Heights, Gammarth, TUNIS

(This event is community sponsored. The organizers are from constituencies & the ALAC. ICANN Board and staff have not sanctioned this nor are they involved in organizing it.)

Agenda: Examination of Wild Cards and their implications: An informational session

1:00 Presentations/tutorials from:

  • Steve Crocker, Chair, SECSAC - Overview of security issues and SECSAC activities Presentation (PPT)
  • John Klensin, IETF Board Liaison - Overview of technical issues Presentation (PDF)

2:00 Presentations related to the roles and uses of wild card services from:

  • Geir Rasmussen, Global Name Registry
  • J.W.A. Zuurbier, .tk

3:00 Presentations on comments/experiences/other issues from:

  • Thomas Roessler, ALAC - Summary of comments received by ICANN Presentation (PDF)
  • Marc Rotenberg, EPIC - User experience/privacy

4:00 Collection of statements/questions (to be sent to SECSAC/ICANN)

5:00 Close

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