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GNSO New Top Level Domains (TLDs) Public Forum
Monday, 26 March 2007, 14:00 - 16:00
ICANN Meeting, Corinthia Lisboa Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal

What it is: This public forum, which is organized by the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) and is open to all interested individuals, provides the broad community with an opportunity for an in-depth discussion about the GNSO's Draft Final Report on the Introduction of New Top Level Domains (new TLDs).

Why it's important: This forum enables stakeholders to provide input on the Committee's proposals for the selection criteria, allocation methods, contractual conditions, and other elements that should be used as part of the process for introducing new TLDs.

Who should attend: All individuals interested in the future of new Top Level Domains.

The GNSO is sponsoring a special public forum at ICANN's Lisbon meeting on Monday, 26 March, 14:00 - 16:00, to provide an opportunity for public discussions about the GNSO New TLD Committee's latest draft of the 'Final Report on the Introduction of New Top Level Domains' (new TLDs). The basis for this discussion will be the Draft Final Report on the Introduction of New Top Level Domains, which was posted last week and includes proposed "Implementation Guidelines" and a proposed "New TLD Application Evaluation Process".

Input received at ICANN's December Sao Paulo meeting and on line have been considered by the GNSO's New TLD Committee and resulted in additional recommendations and other changes to the draft Final Report. This forum, which will be web cast and transcribed, will provide an additional opportunity for stakeholders to provide input to the Committee's proposals for the principles, selection criteria, allocation methods and other elements that should be used as part of the process for introducing new TLDs. This forum will be a critical opportunity for stakeholders to share specific recommendations and guidance on how ICANN could implement the Committee's recommendations on the introduction of new TLDs.

The agenda will include:

  • Overview of the Draft Final Report on the Introduction of New Top Level Domains, Bruce Tonkin, Chair new gTLD committee of the GNSO
  • Overview of the proposed Implementation Guidelines and New TLD Application Evaluation Process, Kurt Pritz, Senior Vice President, Services, ICANN
  • Audience questions and discussion.

Background Information

ICANN's Board agreed at the December 2005 ICANN Vancouver meeting to a policy development process that would facilitate the efficient introduction of new top level domains. The GNSO New Top Level Domains Committee has conducted a comprehensive set of consultations to develop appropriate terms of reference, and then examine those Terms of Reference to arrive at consensus policy positions. The Committee has published a wide range of draft positions which have been the subject of ongoing discussion through ICANN's stakeholder communities.

A goal of the Committee was to determine, with close reference to ICANN's mission and core values, whether new top level domains should be introduced. Once that question was affirmed, the Committee developed principles, policy recommendations, and implementation guidelines. After the ICANN Lisbon meeting, it is expected that the Committee's draft Final Report will be posted for further public comments, completed, and then posted for public consultations at ICANN's San Juan meeting in June, 2007.


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