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Tutorial  — How the Marketplace for Expiring Names Has Changed: Why names aren't released and what is the impact on consumers and other interests? Are registrars becoming domain name portfolio owners?
Sunday, 25 March 2007, 15:30 - 16:30
ICANN Meeting, Corinthia Lisboa Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal

What it is: This tutorial session will feature a leader in the registrar industry speaking about recent developments in registrar business models that have resulted in drastic changes in the ways domain names are treated upon expiration. He will explore some of these different models and the impact the changes have had on intellectual property interests, registrants and prospective registrants, and in the area of registrar competition, among others.

Why it's important: As ICANN looks to future policy changes a good working knowledge of the impact current policies and possible changes may have is crucial. Subject matter will touch on whether current practices reflect what was envisioned or expected when existing policies were adopted and whether change is desired or desirable.

Who should attend: Anyone interested in a better understanding of this aspect of the domain name life cycle and those policymakers who need a better understanding in order to make informed decisions.

Moderator: Tim Cole

Speaker: Rob Hall, CEO, Momentous

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