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Workshop: Internationalized Domain Name
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

11:00 – 13:30, 13 July 2005

In General

The IDN Workshop will focus on revision of the Guidelines for Implementation of IDNs, and implementation of Internationalized Top Level Domain Names. These two main topics are currently being discussed in the DNS community and are described in more detail below.

Participants in this IDN Workshop may wish review the material presented in the earlier tutorial, as the same comprehensive level of introduction to IDN issues will not be provided in the Luxembourg meeting.

The public is invited to provide suggestions for topics and questions that should be addressed during the workshop by submitting these to the IDN Discuss Forum. The archive and instructions for the IDN Discuss Forum are located at

There will also be Q/A opportunities during the workshop.


Wednesday July 13, 2005. ICANN Meeting, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg at the Luxembourg International Fair and Conference Centre (LuxExpo).

The workshop is open to the public and will be web-cast.


  • Welcome to the IDN Workshop
  • Session I: Review and Possible Revision of the Guidelines for Implementation of IDNs (11:00-12:30)

Topic Description :

The Guidelines for Implementation of IDNs are a list of general recommendations and requirements for IDN registration policies and practices that are designed to minimize the risk of cyber squatting and consumer confusion, and respect the interests of local languages and character sets. The Guidelines call on IDN-implementing registries to employ language-specific registration and administration rules that are documented and publicly available. gTLD Registries seeking to deploy IDNs under their agreements with ICANN have been authorized to do so on the basis of the Guidelines. As the deployment of IDNs proceeds, ICANN and the participating IDN registries have agreed to work cooperatively to review the Guidelines at regular intervals based on their deployment experience, and to make any necessary adjustments.

This panel discussion will provide a basis for the first review of the IDN Guidelines. The discussions and presentations on this panel will include topics such as practical experience from registry and registrar communities on implementation and availability of IDNs, the relationship between language-based and script-based systems, language table development, language documentation, decision-making processes on development of tables, content of the table as well as definition of characters that should not be available for registration into the DNS as IDNs.

The Guidelines for Implementation of IDNs are available online at:

Cary Karp (.museum)

Panel Members:
Michael Everson (Evertype)
Michel Suignard (Unicode Consortium and Microsoft)
Hong Xue (ALAC)
Pat Kane (VeriSign)
Ram Mohan (Afilias)
Registrar Constituency Representative
ccNSO Representative
Claudio Menezes (UNESCO)

  • Session II: Internationalized Top-Level Domains (12:30-13:30)

Topic Description :

This panel will identify some of the opportunities lost as resulting from the lack of internationalized TLDs (sometimes described as "idn.idn"). It will address the range of ways in which some or all of the problems associated with the deployment of internationalized TLDs might be addressed, including the relationship between character and name translation in the user interface, transposition of character sets, and the use of IDNA-based DNS names as well as the national, linguistic, and cultural drivers for DNS strings with no components in ASCII and the technical constraints on those approaches. The panel will include an assessment of implementation issues with IDN domains, and the potential risks of IDN deployment to a global interoperable Internet.

Panel Members:
Professor Hualin Qian (ICANN Board of Directors)
John Klensin
Cary Karp (.museum)

Please contact Tina Dam, ICANN’s Chief gTLD Registry Liaison for general comments or questions to the agenda.

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