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Intellectual Property Interests Constituency Meeting

Monday, 11 July 2005, 14:30 (Local Time)
Briefing Room 4, Luxembourg International Fair and Conference Centre

Advance Agenda (7/01/05)

I. Introductions and Agenda Approval

II. IPC Housekeeping Issues

  1. New
  2. Update on IPC By-Laws changes
  3. Invoicing
  4. Planning for next meeting, Washington, DC (September 14?)

III. Update on Whois Task Force - IPC Constituency Statements - Due July 21

  1. Terms of Reference Item 1 - Purpose of Whois
  2. Terms of Reference Item 2 - Purpose of Whois data contacts
    1. Starting points: Transfers Policy Definitions
    2. Questionnaire to IPC members recurrent practices
  3. Recommendation for consensus policy on procedure for resolving conflicts with local law
  4. Issues for future action
    1. Tiered access
    2. Whois data accuracy
  5. Report on Whois GAC workshop

IV. New gTLDs

  1. Presentation from .mobi
  2. Other sTLD presentations?
  3. ICANN new gTLD strategy
  4. Definition of "Sponsored" TLD

V. Other issues from GNSO Cross-Constituency Meeting

  1. ICANN budget
  3. ICANN compliance program
  4. Other issues

VI. Wrap-up and adjourn

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