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Public Discussion to Provide Input into the ICANN Operational Plan and Budget for July 2005 to June 2006

17:00 – 19:00, Monday, 4 April 2005

ICANN's bylaws provide for the presentation of a budget document by 17 May 2005, for the period of July 2005 - June 2006, and which must be approved by the ICANN Board in Luxembourg.

This meeting is an opportunity for the ICANN community to provide input on the key operational tasks for the next 12 months. The purpose of the meeting is to provide a public consultation where stakeholders can provide input related to priorities. Since the operational plan/budget is not yet developed, there will not be a formal set of materials to comment on; however, ICANN staff will present an overview of the key operational objectives for 2005-2006. A more detailed agenda for the meeting will be posted before the Mar del Plata meeting. The focus of this meeting should be on the next 12 months of ICANN's operations.

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