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Domain Name Marketplace Workshop

9:30-12:30, 27 June 2006
Salle des Ministres

ICANN is organizing a 3-hour workshop as a first initiative to bring together a broad representative cross-section of ICANN stakeholders to share information about changes and trends in the domain name market.

This is organized in response to:

  1. requests from the ICANN community for additional information on the numerous ways value is derived from domain names and how the domain name marketplace has changed in recent years, and  

  2. questions from the ICANN community about the appropriateness of some of these activities.

The workshop also is organized to help ensure that policy decisions and potential contractual amendments are made with an understanding of the broader impact that such changes may have on market activities.

The audience will have opportunities to interact with the panel.

If you have comments on the topics covered in this workshop or have comments/questions regarding this subject matter, please post to Comment archives are at


Introduction - Jothan Frakes, Executive Producer, Domain Roundtable Conference

Background - Tim Cole, Chief Registrar Liaison, ICANN

Life Cycle of a Domain Name

Based on policy and contractual provisions, a domain name has a "life cycle". In order to better understand the domain name marketplace, it is important to know how they are acquired, renewed, transferred, and deleted.

History & Evolution of the domain name marketplace

A variety of marketplace activities have arisen over time, some making use of various phases in the domain name life cycle.


  • Large Portfolio Registrant Perspective - John Berryhill, Intellectual Property Attorney
  • The Role of Search Engines - Josh Meyers, General Manager, Yahoo! Search Marketing
  • Individual User Perspective - Roberto Gaetano, ALAC Board Liaison
  • Business and Intellectual Property Perspective - Sarah Deutsch, Vice President & Associate General Counsel, Verizon Communications


Add-Grace Period Deletions are being used in current practice by some registrars and registrants that some argue is quite different from the original intent. The practice of domain 'tasting' has generated significant discussion. Discussion: impacts on stakeholders and possible responses.

  • Impact on Registrars and Registrants - Tim Ruiz, Vice President Corporate Development & Policy Planning, The Go Daddy Group, Inc.
  • Impact on Registrars and Registrants: Another View - Rob Hall, CEO, Momentous
  • Registry experience/data and proposals - David Maher, Senior Vice President - Law & Policy, Public Interest Registry

Expiring Names Practices

The handling of names as they approach expiry or deletion is evolving, and with this evolution come changes to the registration experience, from the registrant, registrar, and registry perspectives. Discussion: impacts on stakeholders.

  • Registrar Business Models for Expired Names - Jonathon Nevett, Vice President and Chief Policy Counsel, Network Solutions
  • Registry Impacts - Pat Kane, Director, Business Operations and Policy, VeriSign

Long-Tail Proposal

One proposal has been introduced to address a variety of monetization activities. This presentation will describe the proposal and solicit feedback. - Paul Stahura, CEO, eNom, Inc

ICANN Policy Implications

Discussion on some of the key policy implications raised in this workshop. - Bruce Tonkin, Chair, GNSO Council

Wrap-up & Next Steps - Jothan Frakes

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