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GNSO Public Forum

12:30-15:30, 27 June 2006
Salle des Ministres

(1) Initial report on new gTLD policy

- see:

- summary of draft recommendations

- outline of areas where further feedback is needed

- open mike

(2) Update on WHOIS policy work

- update on current work on what data collected should be available for public access in the context of the purpose of WHOIS, and how to access data that is not available for public access.

- open mike

(3) Update on policy work on contractual conditions for existing gTLDs

- see

- summary of Preliminary Task Force Report

- update on current work

- open mike

(4) Update on Policy work on Internationalised Domain Names

- see

- summary of draft issues report

- work underway on review of issues report by GNSO working group, and joint GNSO-ccNSO working group

- open mike

(5) Any update on GNSO Review

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