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ISPCP Constituency Meeting

17:00-18:00, 26 June 2006
Reda 1


  1. Introduction and welcome (Tony Holmes, constituency chair)
  2. Agenda Discussion and Agreement (Tony Holmes, constituency chair)
  3. Update on whois and ISPCP Positions (Tony Harris, constituency representative on whois)
  4. Status of PDP on new TLDs (Tony Holmes)
  5. Status and Direction of the IANA (David Conrad, IANA Executive Director)
  6. IDNs: An Update for ISPs (Mark McFadden, constituency Secretariat)
  7. Update: Review of the gNSO -- Current Status (Tony Holmes)
  8. Update: PDP on Contractual conditions for existing gTLDs
  9. Presentation by the new ICANN Vice President for Policy Development (Denise Michel)
  10. Update: US Department of Commerce Request for Comments on ICANN MoU
  11. Update: IGF
  12. Any Other Business
  13. Adjourn 

Meeting Chair: Mr. Tony Holmes, Chairperson: ISPCP constituency

Meeting Scribe: Mark McFadden, Secretariat: ISPCP constituency

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