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ICANN Meetings in Montevideo

7-10 September 2001

Archives of this meeting are now available online.

ICANN's next round of meetings will be held (7-10 September 2001), in Montevideo, Uruguay. The meetings are free to attend, and open to any interested person. ICANN encourages broad participation in its bottom-up consensus-development process. You can take part in these meetings by attending in person, by taking part in the webcast and remote participation opportunities, and/or by joining one of the various ICANN-related mailing lists.

The Host Committee has provided alocal website with information regarding the area, the meeting and local hotels.

Details about the meetings are being posted on this page as they become available. Please check back often!


This meeting schedule will be updated as more information becomes available. All meetings will be held at the Radisson Hotel, Montevideo.

Friday, September 7th

Registration Desk Open(0800-1700) (Foyer)

ICANN Orientation Workshop (0900-1000) (Room tba)

Government Advisory Committee
     Agenda (0800 - 1700):
           1. Welcome
           2. Election of Vice Chairs
           3. .info and country names
           4. Working Methods including outreach activities
           5. Briefing from President/CEO of ICANN (Open Session)
           6. Meeting with ICANN Chair and Board members (Open Session)
             ›  Items 5&6 - (1330 - 1400)
           7. Update from the working groups:
             •  international domain names
             •  use of geographic and geo-political terms as TLDs and second level domains
             •  applicability of international conventions
           8. Update on ccTLD issues
           9. Open Session with ccTLD Constituency (1615 - 1700)

At Large Study Committee Outreach Meeting(1000-1200, 1700-1900) (Gauguin)

Domain Name Supporting Organization Constituency Meetings

  • Business/Intellectual Property/ISP Constituencies Joint Meeting (0800-1230) (Picasso Room)
    • Agenda:
      Overview of Agenda
      Registrars: Transfers Issues
      At Large Study Committee
      Evaluation of new gTLDs – Discussion
      Whois Report
      ccTLDs Supporting Organization
      Agreement on next steps
  • Business Constituency (1400-1800) (Picasso Room 3)
    • Introductory Remarks and Overview of Agenda: BC Reps
      Work Items from joint meeting and other work items:
         • Evaluation of new gTLDs
         • ccTLD SO
         • .org - consultation/next steps – Guest: Milton Mueller
         • At large membership position
         • NAIS – Guests: TBD
         • Budget Committee/NC
      Uniqueness in the DNS and other thoughts – Guest Speaker: John Klensin
      Members Only Session
         • Financial Report
         • Approaches to reorganizing the NC/At Large Issues
         • Schedule for Election Process for BC reps to NC
         • Membership fees, grace period, Membership criteria
      Hold 18.00 - 19.00 for joint drafting sessions on positions related to shared session in a.m.
  • Country Code TLD Registry Constituency (0800-1300) (Florida Room)
  • gTLD Registry Constituency (1100 -1300) (Rembrandt Room)
  • Intellectual Property Constituency (1330-1800) (Picasso Room 4)
  • ISP Constituency (1330-1800) (Picasso Room 2)
  • Non-Commercial Domain Name Holders Constituency (0800-1800) (Cezanne Room)
  • Registrars Constituency (1400-1800) (Renoir Room)

Saturday, September 8th

Registration Desk Open(0800-1700) (Foyer)

Government Advisory Committee
     Agenda (0800 - 1800) (continued from 7 September):
           10. Evaluation of new gTLDs
           11. Second WIPO Process - Final Report
           12. Presentation from At Large Study Committee
           13. Whois
           14. Dates for next meeting
           15. Other business
           16. GAC Communique
           17. Open Session (1700 - 1800)

Domain Name Supporting Organization

  • General Assembly -(0830-1300) (Ballroom)
         1. Administration:
    • 0800 - 0805 Report from the Chair - Danny Younger
    • 0805 - 0810 Report from the Secretariat - Elisabeth Porteneuve
    2. Issues:
    • 0810 - 0815 VeriSign: Equitable Allocation of SRS Resources
    • 0815 - 0820 VeriSign: Internationalized Domains Update
    • 0820 - 0835 Registrars: Transfers and Expiring Domains
    • 0835 - 0845 ccTLDs: Formation of ccSO
    • 0845 - 0850 Neulevel: Status of .biz roll-out
    • 0850 - 0900 Afilias: Report on .info Sunrise Registrations
    • 0900 - 0915 ALSC Report
    • 0915 - 0925 NAIS Report
    • 0925 - 0930 Interim Coordinating Committee Comments
    3. Public Forum:
    • 0930 - 1000 Open Microphone
    4. Intermission:
    • 1000 - 1010 intermission
    5. Reports:
    • 1010 - 1015 Simultaneous Translation Task Force - Pilar Luque
    • 1015 - 1020 New TLD Evaluation Task Force - Y.J.Park
    • 1020 - 1025 UDRP Task Force - Milton Mueller
    • 1025 - 1030 Whois Committee
    • 1030 - 1035 Review Task Force - Roberto Gaetano
    • 1035 - 1040 .Org Task Force - Milton Mueller
    • 1040 - 1050 Cyberspace Association - Joop Teernstra
    • 1050 - 1100 Global Internet Policy Initiative - Alan Davidson
    6. Session with the DNSO Board Candidates:
    • 1100 - 1120 Candidates' Statements
    • 1120 - 1200 Open Microphone: Questions for the Candidates
    7. 1300 End of General Assembly plenary session

  • Names Council -(1400-1700) (Ballroom)
         1. ICANN Board elections:
    • update on GA session with candidates (Philip) 5 mins
    • reminder of voting procedure (Elisabeth) 5 mins
    2. Re-structuring and review process:
    • At Large report (feedback from previous day) (Marilyn) 20 mins
    • Individuals Constituency /link to At Large (Philip) 20 mins
    • ccSO and implications for DNSO (Peter) 20 mins
    3. Equitable Allocation of SRS Resources (Ken) 30 mins
         4. WhoiIs survey (Paul) 10 mins
         5. Future of Dot org (Milton) 30 mins
         6. Reports from other task forces
    • DNSO Review (Philip) 10 mins
    • UDRP Review (Guillermo) 10 mins
    7. Any other business

Address Supporting Organization -(0800-1200) (Florida Room)

IANA ccTLD Managers Workshop(0930-1200) (Picasso Room)

Sunday, September 9th
(see "Agenda" section below for agenda)

Registration Desk Open(0800-1700) (Foyer)

ICANN Public Forum (0830-1800) (Ballroom)

Monday, September 10th
(see "Agenda" section below for agenda)

Registration Desk Open(0800-1200) (Foyer)

Short Reports (Staff/Board Committees), etc. (0830-1030) (Ballroom)

ICANN Board Meeting (1030-1500) (Ballroom)

Other Meetings

None currently scheduled.


The ICANN Public Forum will be held on Sunday, 9 September 2001. The agenda currently includes the following discussion items and reports:

(Draft as of 3 September 2001)

The ICANN Public Forum will continue from 08:30 to 10:30 on Monday, 10 September 2001, with the following presentation and reports:

(Draft as of 3 September 2001)

  • Presentation:
    • ENUM: an overview and status – Tony Holmes and Mark McFadden
  • Reports:
    • PresidentFinance CommitteeAudit CommitteeMeetings Committee
    • Root-Server System Advisory Committee

The ICANN Board Meeting will begin on Monday, 10 September 2001 at 10:30. The current agenda includes the following items:

(Draft as of 4 September 2001)

Please check back often for changes to the agenda for the ICANN Public Forum on 9 and 10 September 2001 or the ICANN Board Meeting on 10 September 2001. Comments on the agenda should be sent to Andrew McLaughlin.


We are presently actively seeking sponsors for the upcoming meeting. Sponsors are given prominent recognition for their contribution to the ICANN process.

If you or your organization are interested in sponsorship of the webcast please feel free to contact

If you are interested in sponsoring coffee breaks or other parts of the meeting please contact the local organizers at

As the meeting is being run on a cost-recovery basis, sponsorship opportunities are limited.


ICANN will be webcasting the DNSO General Assembly and Names Council Meetings (8 September), the ICANN Public Forum (9 September), and the ICANN Board meeting (10 September). Click Here for details of the webcasts and remote participation opportunities for those unable to attend the meetings in person.



Pre-registration for the Montevideo meetings is now available.

While pre-registration is not required, the information will be used to prepare printed nametags. Pre-registration will also assure that you're kept up to date about logistical details as information becomes available. As an option, you may choose to be included on a public list of meeting attendees.


Members of the press should contact the ICANN General Counsel, John Jeffrey for assistance of any kind.

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