Registrar Stakeholder Group Meeting

Tue 09 Mar 2010 - 10:00 - 18:00

Meeting Leaders

Glen de Saint Géry
GNSO Secretariat

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Two-Way Audio (Remote Dial-In / Teleconference): 

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What It Is | The members are registrars accredited by and under contract to ICANN. Registrars provide the interface betweeen registrants and registries getting domain names
Why It's Important | The in-person meetings  held in conjunction with the ICANN meetings provide an opportunity for productive and constructive discussions on issues that involve ICANN consensus policies that relate  to interoperability, technical reliability and /or stable operation of the Internet or domain name system.
Who Should Attend | Anyone with a vested interest in these issues is encouraged to attend the Registrar Stakeholder Group open meetings.

Agenda Details: 



Registrar Stakeholder Group Constituency Day Agenda



10:00-10:15                   SG update

  • Treasurer's report


10:15-11:15                   Registrars discussion of policy issues and prep

                                    for CEO / board visit


  • VI DT update (Jeff Eckhaus)
  • Registration Abuse Policy (James Bladel)
  • IRTP B (James Bladel)
  • PPSC PDP (James Bladel)
  • RAA Amendments (Jon Nevett)


11:15-11:30                   Break


11:30-12:45                   Policy

  • Staff introductions / plans for 2010 (David Olive)
  • Vertical Integration PDP and anticipated next steps (Margie Milam)
  • STI Recommendations (Margie Milam)
  • Registration Abuse Policies (Marika Konings, Margie Milam)
  • PEDNR (Marika Konings)
  • RAA Amendments and Registrant Rights / Responsibilities (Margie Milam)
  • Whois Studies (Liz Gasster)
  • o Accuracy
  • o Privacy / Proxy
  • o Misuse
  • o Registrant identification
  • o Service requirements


12:45-13:00                   RAA WG Subteam B report (Steve Metalitz)


13:00-13:30                   AOC representative endorsement


13:30-14:00                   Lunch


14:00-15:00                   Rod Beckstrom and Peter Dengate-Thrush



15:00-16:00                   New TLDs (Kurt Pritz)

  • EOI / DAG Update



15:45-16:15                   Window for ICANN FY 11 Budget discussion

                                    (Kevin Wilson)



16:00-16:30                   Contractual Compliance (Pam Little)

  • Update on FY2010 initiatives
  • Whois Accuracy Study


16:30-17:00                   Registrar Liaison (Tim Cole)

  • Registrar training
  • Regional meetings

17:00-18:00                   Joint meeting with RySG