Delegation & Redelegation Issues Workshop

Sun 07 Mar 2010 - 14:00 - 15:30

Meeting Leaders

Bart Boswinkel
Senior Policy Advisor

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What it is | An open workshop on issues relating to the delegation, redelegation and retirement of ccTLDs.

Why it's important | The ccNSO has established a Working Group to look at the Delegation, Re-delegation and Retirement of ccTLD's, essentially reviewing the existing policies and guidelines used by IANA, and comparing these to the actual procedures adopted by IANA. The working group's aim is to make recommendations to the ccNSO on any gaps between policies and practices, and is not empowered to engage in any policy development process.

While the working group can not have any specific delegation, redelegation or retirement procedure re-litigated, members of the working group are interested in specific issues that have arisen in the past, where ccTLDs have been through this process.

The Working Group is convening a 90 minute open workshop to be held on Sunday 7 March (14:00 - 15:30 hours, local time) at ICANN Nairobi, and invites stakeholders to provide presentations on issues relating to the delegation, re-delegation or retirement of ccTLDs, and their experiences with IANA. Stakeholders may be any group comprising the local Internet community.

Presentations should be concise, and will be confined to a maximum of 10 minutes per speaker, and should seek to address any perceived shortfalls between the policies and guidelines (including RFC1591, ICANN ICP1, and the Government Advisory Committee Principles on delegation and re-delegation of ccTLDs) and the actual procedure used by IANA. The session will be, at a minimum, audio recorded, and remote participation will be enabled.

This Working Group is a large and diverse group who would appreciate the opportunity to hear from the ccTLD community.

Who should attend | ccTLD managers, Government, people interested in the topic