NARALO Monthly Meeting

Mon 08 Mar 2010 - 23:00 - 23:45

Meeting Leaders

Matthias Langenegger
Manager, At-Large Regional Affairs


Two-Way Audio (Remote Dial-In / Teleconference): 

Telephonic remote participation (English only):


This meeting will be held at the Laico Hotel.


What it is |  The monthly meeting of the North-American RALO (“NARALO”)

Why it's important | The NARALO face-to-face meetings are an important opportunity for the region to coordinate, discuss policy views and track work progress on their agenda.

Who should attend? | Members of NARALO and anyone else interested in the North-American At-Large regional community.

Agenda Details: 

Agenda (English):

  • Update on ICANN Nairobi meeting and feedback from the one-day At-large session (Evan and Darlene)
  • Update from the NARALO brochure drafting working group (Eduardo, Joly)
    • recent activities
    • election of working group chair
    • next steps?
  • Regional input for the public consultation on ICANN Budget 2010/11 (Evan)
    • we should submit a regional comment to highlight the importance of holding a General Assembly
  • Announcement to find people interested in submitting their names to either the Nominating Committee or the At-Large Director process. (Evan)

Agenda (Français):

  • Mise a jour sur la Réunion ICANN a Nairobi et feedback (réactions) de la Session At-Large (Evan et Darlene)
  • Mise a jour du groupe de travail de rédaction de la brochure NARALO (Eduardo et Joly)
    • Activités récentes
    • élection du président du groupe de travail
    • étapes suivantes?
  • Apport régional pour la consultation publique sur le Budget ICANN 2010/11 (Evan)
    • nous devrions soumettre un commentaire regional afin de demontrer l'importance de tenir une Assemblee Generale.
  • Annonce pour trouver des gens interessés pour soumettre leur candidature au NomCom ou au Processus de Sélection du Directeur At-Large