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Domain Name Marketplace Workshop

13:00 - 14:30, 6 December 2006

São Paulo

Chat Room

ICANN is organizing a 90 minute workshop as a follow-up to the first such workshop held in Marrakech last June. This workshop will again bring together a broad representative cross-section of ICANN stakeholders to discuss one of the more controversial topics in the domain name market today, the extensive registration and cancellation of domain names during the initial 5-day Add Grace period, a practice commonly referred to as “domain tasting”.

The workshop also is organized to help ensure that policy decisions and potential contractual amendments are made with an understanding of the broader impact that such changes may have on market activities.

The audience will have opportunities to interact with the panel.

If you have comments on the topics covered in this workshop or have comments/questions regarding this subject matter, please post to Comment archives are at


Introduction - Tim Cole, Chief Registrar Liaison, ICANN

Background - Jothan Frakes, Sr. Account Executive,

What is the practice? How does it occur? How extensive is it?

This background will provide an explanation of the Add-Grace practice and its scope.

The Issue - speakers have been invited to address the practice from a differing perspectives

The practice is problematic for the Domain Name Marketplace – there are adverse business impacts to registries, registrars, and registrants.

Tim Ruiz, Vice President Corporate Development & Policy Planning, The Go Daddy Group, Inc.

A neutral perspective.

Hakon Haugnes, President, GNR

The practice has a positive impact on the Domain Name Marketplace – Diverse Registrar Business Models exist and should exist.

Rob Hall, CEO, Momentous

Next Steps – speakers have been invited to address what steps, if any, need to be taken to address the practice, should it be decided that this is a problem

There are no changes needed, as this is not a problem.

Phil Corwin, Internet Commerce Association

If it is decided that the practice is a problem, it can be addressed through industry self-correction

Paul Stahura, CEO, eNom, Inc. | Name Tasting and Class II Names [PDF, 57K]

If it is decided that the practice is a problem, it should be addressed by ICANN

Bret Fausett, Cathcart Collins & Kneafsey LLP, ALAC

Audience Questions for the Panel

Wrap-up & Next Steps - Jothan Frakes

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