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Intellectual Property Interests Constituency Meeting

14:00, 5 December 2006
Ilheus Room

PROVISIONAL AGENDA (subject to change)

  1. Introductions, selection of scribe, approval of agenda
  2. Discussion of GNSO Review
    1. Lessons for IPC
    2. Next steps for ICANN
  3. Whois PDP
    1. Review of public forum
    2. Preparation of constituency statement
    3. Public comment period
  4. New gTLD PDP (PDP Dec 05)
    1. Review of public forum
    2. IPC input on proposals
  5. gTLD registry contracts PDP (PDP Feb 06)
  6. IDNs working group
  7. Contract compliance
  8. Presentations from invited guests
    1. Overstock representative re reserved names policy
    2. Others
  9. Review assignments, adjournment

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