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Archives of the ICANN Meetings in São Paulo, Brazil

2 - 8 December 2006

Original Meeting Agenda

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7 December 2006

ALAC (At-Large Advisory Committee) Report Part 1 [PDF, 316K]

ALAC (At-Large Advisory Committee) Report Part 2 [PDF, 316K]

ASO (Address Supporting Organization) Report [PDF, 552K]

Audit Committee [PDF, 24K]

Board Governance Committee [PDF, 8K]

ccNSO (Country Code Names Supporting Organization) Report [PDF, 12K]

ccNSO Technial Workshop: Agenda and Welcome [PDF, 33K]

ccNSO Technial Workshop: Anycast DNS system and results on traffic analysis [PDF, 217K]

ccNSO Technial Workshop: .br DNSSEC deployment [PDF, 169K]

ccNSO Technial Workshop: .br technical overview [PDF, 189K]

ccNSO Technial Workshop: CADR [PDF, 473K]

ccNSO Technial Workshop: Caribbean Forum [PDF, 990K]

ccNSO Technial Workshop: CENTR Monitoring IANA [PDF, 49K]

ccNSO Technial Workshop: CODEV NIC [PDF, 213K]

ccNSO Technial Workshop: A Co-operative DNS Secondary [PDF, 29K]

ccNSO Technial Workshop: Czech Registry System [PDF, 829K]

ccNSO Technial Workshop: Domain Name System Introduction [PDF, 749K]

ccNSO Technial Workshop: DNS Security Tools [PDF, 413K]

ccNSO Technial Workshop: DNS@DENIC [PDF, 1,330K]

ccNSO Technial Workshop: DNSSEC Session Introduction [PDF, 473K]

ccNSO Technial Workshop: DNSSEC en .mx [PDF, 541K]

ccNSO Technial Workshop: Future of Registries [PDF, 2,160K]

ccNSO Technial Workshop: Namibian Network Information Centre [PDF, 253K]

ccNSO Technial Workshop: NIC PR DNSSEC Implementation [PDF, 517K]

ccNSO Technial Workshop: Registry System Showcase [PDF, 1,090K]

ccNSO Technial Workshop: .SE-DNSSEC [PDF, 345K]

ccNSO Technial Workshop: Zonecheck - Testing a DNS zone [PDF, 157K]

Conflict of Interest Committee [PDF, 16K]

Finance Committee [PDF, 24K]

GAC (Governmental Advisory Committee) Report [PDF, 29K]

GNSO (Generic Names Supporting Organization) Report [PDF, 20K]

IDN discussions in ccNSO [PDF, 17K]

IDN Update [PDF, 48K]

Nominating Committee Report [PDF, 140K]

Ombudsman Report [680K]

Report from SSAC (Security and Stability Advisory Committee) [PDF, 100K]

Report on IANA Processes [PDF, 536K]

Update On GNSO Improvement Process and Independent Review Schedule [PDF, 20K]

Update on Strategic Planning [PDF, 8K]

6 December 2006

ICANN Meetings - Future Structure [PDF, 20K]

IDN Discussions in ccNSO [PDF, 76K]

IDN Guidelines [PDF, 168K]

IDNA Protocol Status Review [PDF, 76K]

Policies for Contractual Conditions for Existing gTLDs [PDF, 141K]

RSTEP Status Report [PDF, 68K]

5 December 2006

Transparency and Accountability: Management Operating Principles [PDF, 136K]

4 December 2006

New Top Level Domains [PDF, 5M]

Ombudsman Remarks [PDF, 30K]

The Operational Point of Contact Proposal [PDF, 157K]

Presentation by WHOIS Task Force Chair [PDF, 17K]

President's Report [PDF, 368K]

President's Strategy Committee Update [PDF, 232K]

"Special Circumstances" Whois Proposal [PDF, 73K]

3 December 2006

Internationalised Domain Names Tutorial [PDF, 352K]

IPv6 Tutorial [PDF, 6,944K]

Status of IPv6 Policies at Different RIR Service Regions [PDF, 1,860K]

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