Adopted Board Resolutions

8 December 2006

Approval of Minutes

Approval of .BIZ/.INFO/.ORG Registry Agreements

2007 Nominating Committee Chair Appointment

Progress on ICANN Board-GAC Joint Working Group

IDN Status – Acknowledgement and Next Steps

Approval of Strategic Plan 2007-2010

Schedule for Periodic Reviews of ICANN Structure and Operations

Regional At-Large Organization for Latin America and Caribbean

Thanks to Daniel Dardailler

Thanks to Roberto Gaetano

Thanks to Hagen Hultzsch

Thanks to Veni Markovski

Thanks to Hualin Qian

Thanks to Workshop Participants

Thanks to Sponsors, Staff, Scribes, and Event Teams

Thanks to Local Hosts

(Adjourn Eighth Annual Meeting & Convene Organizational Meeting)

Election of Board Chairman

Election of Board Vice-Chairman

Board Committee Assignments

Election of Corporate Officers