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Shanghai Meeting Topic: Session on Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs)

28 October 2002, 15:30-18:00

Hosted by: Stuart Lynn (ICANN), Masanobu Katoh (ICANN IDN Committee), and Qiheng Hu (China Internet Society)


Opening and Introduction: Stuart Lynn

1. IDN Activities at ICANN: Masanobu Katoh

2. Chinese Activities on IDN Solution: Prof. Hualin Qian

3. IETF's IDNA Standards: James Seng, John Klensin

4. Second-Level IDNA Implementation: Neil Edwards (VeriSign), Hirofumi Hotta (JPRS)

5. Panel discussion and Q & A: All participants, moderated by Andrew McLaughlin

Closing: Qiheng Hu

[All members of the public are warmly invited to attend this open, informational session!]

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