WHOIS Policy Review Team

Sun 13 Mar 2011 - 09:00 - 18:00
Grand Ballroom
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This is the second face-to-face meeting of the WHOIS Policy Review Team.

Please refer to the WHOIS Policy RT Wiki to learn more about their activities -

Who Should Attend? | Any community members interested in Affirmation reviews developments, in particular the WHOIS review.

Agenda Details:

1.     Welcome and introduction (Emily) (09:00-09:10)
2.     Adoption of minutes from most recent teleconference (09:10-09:15)
3.     Discussion of our Review Team Outreach Sessions in San Francisco, including:

  • what Advisory Committees and Constituencies are we meeting with,
  • intro to these groups and their concerns from members of the Whois review team familiar with their members and work;
  • how we, as a review team, plan to approach these groups (e.g., listening mode or responsive mode); and
  • quick confirmation that at least one member of each subteam will be present at each session.
  • (09:15-10:15) 

Break (10h15-10h30)
4.     Reports of the Definitions Subteams, on issues including:

  • Review of public comments to date, e.g., what did we receive and what gaps do we need to fill;
  • Next steps for research;
  • Any additional questions for ICANN Staff;
  • Discussion with all Review Team members.

A. Report of Sub Team C: Law Enforcement Kim Von Arx, Sharon Lemon, Lutz Donnerhacke (10:30-10:50)
B. Report of Sub Team D: Consumers & Consumer Trust (10:50-11:10)
    Sarmad Hussain, Olivier Iteanu, Lynn Goodendorf, Peter Nettlefold, Bill Smith
C. Report of Sub Team E: Applicable Laws (11:10-11:30)
    Kim Von Arx, Michael Yakushev, Lynn Goodendorf, Omar Kaminski
D. Report of Sub team F: Producers & Maintainers of WHOIS Data (11:30-12pm) James Bladel –  Wilfried Woeber – Susan Kawaguchi
E.  Report of Omar Kaminski: Who owns the Data?  (12-12:20pm)
Lunch Break (12:30-13:30)
5.     Detailed Report from Sub team A, James, Kathy, Wilfried, together with ICANN Staff/Compliance, on

  • What is the WHOIS Policy, including:
  • From what documents is it derived?
  • Who has Whois obligations (e.g., registries/registrars/address organizations)?
  • What are those obligations?
  • How are the obligations to be overseen (at least according to the documents)? (13:30-14:30)

(Whois Policy Implementation Review, Bill, Peter, Emily, Mikhail, will have an opportunity at the June ICANN Meeting to present a similarly detailed presentation.)
6.     Article 29 Working Party Speaker invited to discuss data protection laws in Europe. (14:30-15:30)
Break (15:30-15:45)

7.     Putting It All Together: A Discussion of the Final Report, including:

  • Outline of possible key sections of the report;
  • Discussion of how the Subteams’ work fits within the Report;
  • Discussion of additional work that need to be done (e.g., research, metrics development, surveys, interviews) and to what end. (15:30-16:45) See:
  • Do new subteams need to be created?  Does the work of existing subteams need to be expanded? Would Review Team members like to switch or add subteams?  (16:45-17:00)

8.     Quick Review and Approval of Wednesday’s Public Session, including

  • Agenda and draft powerpoint slides; and
  • Who will be attending.

Note: Draft slides will be distributed prior to San Fran meeting (17:00-17:15)

9.     Any other business (17:15-17:30)