Internet & Service Providers Constituency (ISPCP) Meeting

Tue 15 Mar 2011 - 14:00 - 16:00
Elizabethan A-C
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The ISPs and connectivity providers Constituency meeting is an integral part of the generic Name Supporting Organization (gNSO). The Constituency's goal is to fulfill roles and responsibilities that are created by relevant ICANN and gNSO bylaws, rules or policies as ICANN proceeds to conclude its organization activities. This meeting provides the opportunity to discuss issues important for ISPs, establish opinions and facilitate input on behalf of the Constituency which can fed in to the ICANN process via the GNSO council and various WGs.

Who Should Attend? | Anyone with a vested interest in these issues is encouraged to attend the open session of the ISPCP in San Francisco.

Agenda Details:

All current ICANN issues that impact ISPs and Connectivity Providers which includes but is not limited to, the introduction of new gTLDs, GNSO Working Group Guidelines, GNSO Policy issues, Global address Policy.

A list of speakers split up according to relevant subject.

New Chair of SSAC to provide an update on the work of the SSAC and how that supports the goals of the ISPCP.