DNSSEC Workshop

Wed 16 Mar 2011 - 08:30 - 13:45
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DNSSEC deployment is continuing to move forward. The root and approximately 20 percent of the top level domains are now signed, and the focus is now shifting to the registrars and recursive DNS servers operated by the ISPs.

This session is a public presentation and discussion with those actively engaged in the deployment of DNSSEC. The meeting begins with brief presentations on DNSSEC deployment around the world and measurements on validation. It follows with two in-depth panel discussions featuring major operating system and applications providers on how they are, or are planning to, deploy DNSSEC. Following a short break, there is a presentation on innovation in DNSSEC and another in-depth panel on DNSSEC deployment by major content providers. The program ends with an update on DNSSEC activities from the region, including a presentation on deployment in .net and .com. A sponsored lunch will be served during the program. Tickets will be distributed at the beginning of the session, first come, first served.

Why It's Important | Registries, registrars, ISP's and others who plan to deploy DNSSEC services will benefit from the presentation and discussion of the deployment experience. Many TLDs, registrars and ISPs are planning to deploy DNSSEC in the next two years and we anticipate that they will encounter similar operational and adoption issues. These issues will be discussed during the workshop in depth and all those involved in DNSSEC deployment will be able to share their experiences.

Who Should Attend? | Anyone with an interest in the deployment of DNSSEC, particularly registry, registrar and ISP representatives with technical, operational, and strategic planning roles.

Agenda Details:

1. Introduction and Presentation: DNSSEC Deployment Around the World: Steve Crocker, Co-Chair, DNSSEC Deployment Initiative

2. Panel Discussion: DNSSEC Deployment Plans - Affects on Products and Services: Moderator: Russ Mundy, Co-Chair, DNSSEC Deployment Initiative; Speakers: Lucas Adamski and Brian Smith, Mozilla;Patrik Fältström, Cisco; David Lawrence; Akamai; Patrick Naubert, Xelerance; Andy Steingruebl, PayPal; Paul Wouters, Fedora

3. Presentation: Application Security with DNSSEC and DOSETA: Dave Crocker, Brandenburg InternetWorking


4. Presentations: Innovative Uses as a Result of DNSSEC: Speakers: Jay Daley, .nz Registry Services; Warren Kumari, Google

5. Presentations: Activities from the Region: Speakers: Jacques Latour, CIRA/.ca; Matt Larson, VeriSign

Sponsored Lunch Break

6. Panel Discussion: DNSSEC Signing Services: Moderator, Steve Crocker; Jim Galvin, Afilias; Peter Janssen, EURID; Matt Larson, VeriSign; Simon McCalla, Nominet; Bill Woodcock, Packet Clearing House



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