WHOIS Policy Review Team - Interaction with the Community

Wed 16 Mar 2011 - 11:00 - 12:00
Elizabethan A-C
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Presentation of the Review Team's working definitions and outreach program for community feedback and comments.

Who Should Attend? | Any community members interested in Affirmation reviews developments, in particular the WHOIS review.

Agenda Details:
  1. Introduction of Review Team Members (11:00-11:10)
  2. Presentation of the Review Team’s Scope of Work and Roadmap (11:10:11:20)     
  3. Presentation of the Action and Outreach program adopted by the Review Team (11:20-11:30)
  4. Presentation by the Definitions of Law Enforcement, Consumer Trust and Applicable Laws
  5. Request for Public Comments and Input from the Community, including pointers to where written comments might be submitted and invitations to speak from the microphones.
  6. Open floor: public comments, Q&A session (11:40-12:00)