Forum on DNS Abuse

Mon 14 Mar 2011 - 11:30 - 13:00
Grand Ballroom
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DNS abuse affects many ICANN stakeholders, from consumers and businesses that are targets of abuse, to third parties that provide the services criminals and fraudsters use to commit these offenses. This Forum is the seventh in a series where the different stakeholders affected by DNS abuse can share information and ideas for responding to such abuse.

Who Should Attend? | Members of the At-Large as well as representatives from the community involved in the fight against DNS related abuse from law enforcement, security researchers, consumer advocates, ccTD registries and gTLD registries and registrars.

Agenda Details:

Forum on DNS Abuse
Monday, 14 March 2011
Time 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Room: Grand Ballroom
ICANN Silicon Valley Meeting in
San Francisco

Format: Most of the online crimes you hear of abuse the Domain Name System in some way. Whether a scam artist hides his identity by hosting his website behind an orphaned record, or a phisher registers a domain intended to resemble a famous brand, abuse of the DNS involves many ICANN stakeholders. Consumers and businesses can be victims of abuse, legitimate service providers might see criminals and fraudsters use those very services to commit offenses. This Forum is part of a continuing dialogue with the ICANN Community where the different stakeholders affected by DNS Abuse can share information and ideas for responding to such abuse.


Moderator: Steve Crocker (Vice Chair of ICANN Board)

The moderator will outline the purpose of the Forum, explain the format and panel topics. The moderator will also chair each panel.

Session 1: Latest Developments in the Fight against DNS Abuse

Panel: Richard Boscovich (Microsoft), Joe St. Sauver (Internet2/University of Oregon), Michael Moran (INTERPOL), Robert Flaim (U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations), Glenn Watson (US Food and Drug Administration) and Terri Stumme (US Drug Enforcement Agency)

Learn about the latest advances in the fight against DNS-related abuse such as phishing, malware and crimeware from representatives of law enforcement agencies, security responders, and the private sector.


Session 2: Implications of Domain Name Blocking and Domain Name Take-Downs

Panel: Ram Mohan (Afilias), Christine Jones (Go-Daddy), Marc Rotenberg (At-Large), and Bjorn-Erik Ludvigsen (INTERPOL)

Explore the technical, political, operational, and policy considerations of domain name blocking and take-down techniques, and whether such measures can be deployed in response to domain-related cyber-crime and other DNS abuse.

The Forum on DNS Abuse has turned into one of the more popular recurring sessions at ICANN international meetings. Join us for informative, up-to-the-minute reports from the global war against DNS abuse.

Information on the Moderator

Dr. Stephen D. Crocker, Vice Chair of ICANN Board, CEO and Co-founder of Shinkuro

Dr. Crocker is the Vice Chair of the ICANN Board and the CEO and co-founder of Shinkuro, Inc., a start-up company focused on dynamic sharing of information across the Internet and on the deployment of improved security protocols on the Internet.

Dr. Crocker has been involved in the Internet since its inception. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, while he was a graduate student at UCLA, he was part of the team that developed the protocols for the Arpanet and laid the foundation for today's Internet. He organized the Network Working Group, which was the forerunner of the modern Internet Engineering Task Force and initiated the Request for Comment (RFC) series of notes through which protocol designs are documented and shared. For this work, Dr. Crocker was awarded the 2002 IEEE Internet Award. Dr. Crocker also holds an honorary doctorate in mathematics from the University of San Martin de Porres in Lima, Perú.

Dr. Crocker's experience includes research management at DARPA, USC/ISI and The Aerospace Corporation, vice president of Trusted Information Systems, and co-founder of CyberCash, Inc. and Longitude Systems, Inc. His prior public service includes serving as the first area director for security in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the Internet Architecture Board (IAB), the IETF Administrative Support Activity Oversight Committee (IAOC), service on the Board of the Internet Society and the Board of The Studio Theatre in Washington, DC.

Dr. Crocker earned his B.A. in mathematics and Ph.D. in computer science at UCLA, and he studied artificial intelligence at MIT. Steve Crocker was selected by the 2008 Nominating Committee to serve as a Board Member. Until recently, he has been Chair of ICANN's Security and Stability Advisory Committee (SSAC) since its inception in 2002, and stepped down as SSAC Chair upon being elected Vice Chair of the ICANN Board.

Information on the Speakers

Richard Domingues Boscovich, Senior Attorney, Digital Crimes Unit, Microsoft Corp.

As Senior Attorney on Microsoft's Digital Crimes Unit, Richard Boscovich leads a team of investigators focused on malicious code and spyware enforcement cases. Based in Redmond, Wash., the team actively analyzes all forms of malware such as botnets, malvertising, scarware and click fraud. In addition to analyzing malicious code, the team actively pursues partnerships with others in the industry, as well as law enforcement agencies, and academics in the field.

Boscovich began his career as a corporate tax attorney at a major international law firm in New York, NY. He then served for over 17 years at the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Florida's Southern District (Miami). He directed the District's Computer Hacking & Intellectual Property (CHIP) unit, where he prosecuted numerous high-profile computer intrusion cases, including the first federal juvenile prosecution of a 17-year-old computer hacker. During the last two and a half years of his tenure at the U.S.Attorneys' Office SDFL, he served as chief of the Major Crimes unit, where he managed the activities of 25 Assistant U.S. Attorneys.

Boscovich has lectured throughout South America and Europe on behalf of both DOJ and the U.S. State Department on topics that include: money laundering, intellectual property investigations/legislation and comparative law, among others.

Boscovich joined Microsoft in 2008. He holds both a BA degree in Political Science/History and a law degree from the University Of Miami.

Robert Flaim, Supervisory Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Operational Technology Division/Technical Liaison Unit

Christine Jones, Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary of the Go Daddy Group

Christine is responsible for all legal affairs of The Go Daddy Group, Inc. as well as the Domain Services, Network Abuse, Government Relations, Compliance and Legal departments. Christine has testified numerous times before U.S. Congressional Committees in Washington, D.C. about various issues related to the Internet. She has also helped drive federal Internet-related legislation, including laws to keep the Web safe from child predators and rogue online pharmacies. She Tweets on Internet-related legal topics @AttyJones.

Her previous legal practice focused on complex commercial litigation, including accounting and professional malpractice. Christine also worked for the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office prior to entering private practice. Before entering the legal profession, Christine practiced accounting at several large retail and commercial banks. Christine holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Auburn University, a Juris Doctor from Whittier Law School and is a Certified Public Accountant. In her limited spare time, Christine stays involved in volunteer and charitable projects. She is also active with promoting and managing several talented but lesser-known musical artists.

Bjørn-Erik Ludvigsen, Criminal Intelligence Officer, INTERPOL

Mr. Bjørn-Erik Ludvigsen is a Criminal Intelligence Officer at the Crimes against Children team at INTERPOL's Trafficking in Human Beings Sub-Directorate since early 2010. He is a 22 year veteran police officer and seconded from a position as a Police Superintendent with the National Criminal Investigation Service, the National Norwegian hub for serious and organized crime. He was primarily dealing primarily with child sexual abuse on the Internet, access blocking on the Web and other technical preventive tools to limit the distribution of child sexual abuse material. His previous assignments include general investigations in various crime areas, including child sexual abuse, computer training and education, bomb disposal, anti terrorism and narcotics investigations in addition to regular street patrols. From 2006-2010 he was the Driver for the CIRCAMP project, a European multi-national Law Enforcement thematic network and the initiator of the Internet Law Enforcement/Internet industry blocking system against child sexual abusive material on the Web in Norway and later in CIRCAMP.

Ram Mohan, Member of ICANN Board, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Afilias Limited.

Ram Mohan is a member of the ICANN Board, and is the Executive Vice President, & Chief Technology Officer of Afilias Limited. Ram oversees key strategic, management and technology choices for the company in support of the generic top-level domains (gTLDs) .INFO and .ORG, sponsored domains .mobi, .asia, and .aero and country code domains including .IN (India) and .ME (Montenegro). Ram has led the strategic growth of the company in registry services and security as well as new product sectors such as RFID/Auto-ID, global DNS and Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs).

Before joining Afilias in September 2001, Ram was at Infonautics Corp., a pioneering online database and content distribution company. He held various leadership positions at Infonautics, and led the company to market leadership through product innovation. Ram is the founder of the award-winning CompanySleuth product, and created the Sleuth line of business at Infonautics. He helped architect Electric Library, North America's most used online reference database in schools and libraries, and, the first free encyclopedia on the Internet. Prior to joining Infonautics, Ram worked with First Data Corporation, Unisys Corporation and KPMG Peat Marwick in a variety of leadership, engineering and technology positions. Ram is also founder of the technology behind TurnTide, an anti-spam company acquired by Symantec.

Ram was previously named one of the Philadelphia Business Journal's 40 under 40. He is a founding member of the ISOC Philadelphia Area Chapter and serves on the advisory boards of several Philadelphia-area startup companies, and is actively involved in cancer-related nonprofits.

Michael Moran, Coordinator of the Crimes against Children team, INTERPOL

Mr. Michael Moran is the coordinator of the Crimes against Children team at INTERPOL's Trafficking in Human Beings Sub-Directorate. He is a specialist in online Child exploitation and has worked in Interpol since 2006. He is a seconded officer from An Garda Síochána; Ireland's National Police Force and has worked in this area since 1997. He has worked in Patrol, Drugs, Serious Crime and Computer Crime.

He also did a time as a court presenter where he dealt with police prosecutions to the Dublin District Courts.

Prior to coming to Interpol he was managing the child exploitation response at the Computer Crime Unit, GBFI, in Dublin.

Michael holds a diploma in project management, a BA (IT) and a MSc. in Forensic Computing and Cybercrime Investigation from the University College Dublin centre for cybercrime investigation.

Marc Rotenberg, Executive Director of Electronic Privacy Information Center and ALAC Member

Marc Rotenberg is Executive Director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) in Washington, DC. He teaches information privacy law at Georgetown University Law Center and has testified before Congress on many issues, including access to information, encryption policy, consumer protection, computer security, and communications privacy. He testified before the 9-11 Commission on "Security and Liberty: Protecting Privacy, Preventing Terrorism." He has served on several national and international advisory panels, including the expert panels on Cryptography Policy and Computer Security for the OECD, the Legal Experts on Cyberspace Law for UNESCO, and the Countering Spam program of the ITU. He chairs the ABA Committee on Privacy and Information Protection. He is a founding board member and former Chair of the Public Interest Registry, which manages the .ORG domain. He is editor of "The Privacy Law Sourcebook" and co-editor (with Daniel J. Solove and Paul Schwartz) of "Information Privacy Law" (Aspen Publishing 2006). He is a graduate of Harvard College and Stanford Law School. He served as Counsel to Senator Patrick J. Leahy on the Senate Judiciary Committee after graduation from law school. He is the recipient of several awards, including the World Technology Award in Law.

Joe St Sauver, Ph.D., Nationwide Security Program Manager, Internet2, University of Oregon

Joe St Sauver, Ph.D., is Internet2's Nationwide Security Program Manager under contract through the University of Oregon. He's active in many industry and higher education security-related activities, including serving as one of five senior technical advisors to the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG), and serving on the Educause/Internet2 Higher Education Information Security Council. Some of St Sauver's publicly available previous talks are linked from

Terri Stumme, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Internet Investigations Unit, US Drug Enforcement Agency

Glenn Watson, Special Agent, Senior Operations Manager, Office of Criminal Investigations, Headquarters, Cybercrime Unit, US Food and Drug Administration