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Summary of Actions Taken by the ICANN Initial Board of Directors at its Meeting in Singapore

March 4, 1999


(March 4, 1999)  The initial Board of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) moved forward today on two important decisions:  determining the requirements for accreditation of domain name registrars in the .com, .net and .org top-level domains (TLDs); and determining the structure for its Domain Name Supporting Organization.  Meeting in Singapore, the Board adopted a domain name registrar accreditation policy, with changes from the draft guidelines reflecting public comments that the guidelines should be as lightweight as possible.  The Board also adopted the attached document outlining the concepts and structure on which the Domain Name Supporting Organization will be based.  The DNSO will be an advisory group within ICANN responsible for recommending policies concerning the Domain Name System and for selecting three of ICANN’s 19 directors.  The Board considered a wide range of comments and views, including two applications for DNSO recognition, and concluded that the most appropriate approach would be to use the best features of both in the new document.

The Board also adopted a conflict-of-interest policy and established procedures for reconsideration of ICANN decisions.

The Board held its meeting in Singapore in conjunction with the annual APRICOT conference, an Asia-Pacific-wide Internet conference, reflecting ICANN’s international nature. 

Adoption of Registrar Accreditation Guidelines

The Board adopted a policy by which competing registrars will be accredited to process registrations in the .com, .org, and .net generic top level domains.  The Board also approved accompanying contracts, and directed the ICANN President to implement the policy and begin accepting registrar applications by Monday, March 15.  The policy approved today reflects a number of changes reflecting public comment, including adjustments to make the requirements clearer and less burdensome, reduce uncertainty for registrars and registrants, strengthen data escrow provisions, and clarify the legal liabilities of registrants that license names to anonymous third parties. 

Creation of an ICANN Domain Name Supporting Organization (DNSO)

The Board reviewed the two applications for recognition as the ICANN Domain Name Supporting Organization, along with written comments received and comments made at its public forum held in Singapore on March 3, 1999, including a document submitted in Singapore by the CENTR organization. The Board believes that it now possesses adequate information from the domain names community to proceed with the formation of a DNSO.  While not accepting in full either of the proposals submitted, it has adopted a statement of DNSO formation concepts drawn from both proposals, the consensus principles identified in the CENTR document, and other comments.  The Board has directed staff to draft proposed changes to the ICANN Bylaws to be publicly posted in advance of consideration by the Board.  In taking this action, the Board believes that it is proceeding on the basis of a broad consensus within the domain names community regarding the DNSO. 

Other Actions

The Board of Directors adopted a conflicts of interest policy and a reconsideration policy, as required by the ICANN bylaws.  The Board also discussed ongoing fundraising efforts, preliminary budget planning, and other operational matters.

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