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1-2 June 2001


1.     Welcome

2.      Discussion about GAC working methods to include

  • Role of Vice Chair position/s
  • Role of Secretariat, including location
  • Progressing outreach activities

3.      Briefing from President/CEO of ICANN (Open Session)

4.      Meeting with ICANN Chair and Board members (Open Session)

5.      OECD follow-up discussion on adequacy and accuracy of WHOIS data

6.      Report from WIPO on status of Second WIPO Process

7.      Other business

8.      Update from the working groups:

  • International domain names
  • use of geographic and geo-political terms as TLDs and second level domains
  • applicability of international conventions in relation to gTLD policies

9.    Presentation by Bob Shaw, ITU on ENUM and related issues

10.  Discussion on ccTLD issues

11.  Discussion with ccTLD Constituency (Open Session)

12.  Any Other Business

13.  GAC Communique

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